Week of November 19, 2006

Cultural Crafts

Discover something new about Native American culture when you create traditional crafts and toys at www.teachersfirst.com/lessons/
. You can make a beautiful, festive corn husk doll in 12 easy steps. Show your creative side by decorating your room with a dream catcher or some pinch pots like those used by Eastern Woodland Native Americans. Has all your festive artistry made your belly rumble? Sample Native American recipes such as Wild Green Salad or Boiled Corn. Happy Thanksgiving!

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What is Pemmican?

A dried meat cake
A fruit
A vegetable


How many English colonists were at the first Thanksgiving?



How do you spell the “horn of plenty?”?


Discovering Thanksgiving

Join Dancing Hawk, Sarah and their ancestors at www.plimoth.org
and travel to the 1621 Harvest Celebration—the first Thanksgiving. You’ll become a historian as you click and drag your way through Fact or Myth to get the Turkey Day scoop and read stories from witnesses present at the first feast. Check the glossary for help with unfamiliar words as you decode original text from the past. The path to 1621 was a long one, so before you sit down to your feast, get to know the colonists and the Wampanoag tribe and see how they gave thanks.

Celebrate the Fun

Create cool Thanksgiving memories this year with awesome activities from http://sunniebunniezz.com/holiday/
. Break out the crayons and color beautiful fall pictures featuring the Pilgrims and Native Americans, or steady yourself for tasty brain teasers and solve Turkey Day riddles. If your head isn't full of stuffing, try to figure out what the turkey is thinking and then take a turkey quiz. Hungry for more? Gobble up festive poetry, then peruse puzzles for wondrous word searches and crazy crosswords before your Thanksgiving feast.

What is your favorite Thanksgiving memory?


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Turkey Time

Thanksgiving feasts are undeniably my favorite part of the holiday. My family members gather around our table to share stories and fantastic food.

We like to call it a potluck Thanksgiving because everyone brings a dish to share. Last year I made my very own dish. With help from my mom, I made a pumpkin pie that everyone loved.

This year I’m going to make mashedpotatoes. If you want to help in the kitchen, try some of these tantalizing recipes:

Timing the Perfect Turkey

Harvest Pumpkin Pie

Vegetarian Stuffing



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