Week of October 8 , 2006

Beautiful Biomes

Do you wonder about other areas of the world? Get to know the planet’s biomes at NASA’s Earth Observatory at http://earthobservatory.
, where you can learn about different climates from the comfort of your home. Roam through the wild and wonderful rainforest or trek across the dry desert. Once you have explored all the amazing areas the Earth has to offer, challenge yourself and help Geo Grapher with The Great Graph Match or lend Bill Botanist a hand as he tries to decide To Plant or Not to Plant.

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How much rain does the Grassland get in one year?



In what month do swan's make their nests?



What does the “SBG” in SBGMath stand for?
Silver Burdett Gold
Sally Bill Ginny
Silver Burdett Ginn



Sebastian Swan Wants You

Meet the beautiful Sebastian Swan and his collection of interactive children’s books at www.sebastianswan.org .uk. Sebastian invites you to click on any book title of interest, then follow along and read through your selection. From the funny “Sebastian Swan’s Story” to a seasonal “In the Autumn,” Sebastian has a bunch of cool choices for beginning readers. After you finish reading, make sure to visit Sebastian's blog, which is safe for children, and share your literary thoughts with other kids around the world.

Mega Math

Practice your math skills at www.sbgmath.com. From kindergarten to sixth grade, your math level is covered. Ready to solve some problems? Choose your challenge, print out an activity sheet, link to the Internet site featuring your math question and get going. Beginning math students can look forward to chapters on butterflies and coins. More advanced students will check out worksheets on pro football or precipitation. Make sure to check your answers on the answer key in the Teacher Tool sections and get ready to master some math! (This site is no longer available.)

Do you think people should be allowed to bring their pets into stores?


Speak Out Here!

Dear Amy: How can we make changes in our Web site after we’ve published it? — Naziha, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Dear Roberto: Web animation is all the rage right now. You should know there are different types of animation. Two of the most popular animated graphics are animated GIFs and vectors.
GIF stands for Graphics Interchange Format and consists of a series of images that display in rapid succession, similar to the way a paper flip book works. A site that can help you make animated GIFs is www.htmlgoodies.com/tutorials/web_graphics/
. You could also create an animation using a vector format, which consists of a series of lines and points that display the animation. A popular program that creates vector files is Flash. There are many Flash tutorials on the Internet. You can try Flash out for yourself at www.echoecho.com/flash.htm. Good luck with your animation and have fun!


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