Week of October 1, 2006

Working Together

Join The International Labour Organization at
and become part of 3PLUS-U, where three friends take you on a journey to discover what work is all about. Up in the treehouse, meet Toshi and see why work is important in our world. Kaia will show you how to play a part in improving the lives of workers. Isabelle knows it is crucial to protect people at work and wants you to know why. So climb into the treehouse today and get to work.

Nominate a cool Web site at www.4Kids.org/nominations

Visit the Featured Web sites to find the answers.

How much money does half the world live on a day?

Less than two dollars
Less than one dollar
More than four dollars


What does RIF stand for?

Reading is Fundamental
Reading is Fun
Reading is Fast


Who is Motherboard?
The computer janitor
The evil doctor
The ruler of outer space


Planet of Literacy

Flex your literary muscle when you visit RIF Reading Planet at www.rif.org/kids/readingplanet.htm. Read along with stories or sing along with songs as you click through this interactive reading adventure. Need something to do? The Activity Lab is full of projects for avid readers and writers. Share book ratings and reviews or check out booklists at Book Zone. Fun games and coloring downloads can be found in Game Station where you will test your matching skills or create your own story. Word!

Cut to the Chase

Get together with your Cyberchase buddies at http://pbskids.org/
and help stop Hacker from hurting computers around the world. Take a Web Adventure through the history of Cyberchase or help the Poddles find their numbers. Meet the Cybersquad where Matt, one of your many new friends, will share cool coloring pages with you. Games Central is full of cool cyber challenges with new quests added every day. Check out the Cyberchase Club where you can download projects or send in your own artwork or science experiments.

Do you think creative freedom is important to have on assignments?


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Outdoor Playground

OK, you are working hard in school and keeping yourself busy with after-school activities, but surely you can find some time on the weekends to get outside and play.

Nothing beats a day outdoors riding bikes, playing in puddles or throwing the Frisbee. Some of my best memories are from being outside with friends and family. I remember my brother and I made boats to sail in the street gutters in my neighborhood when it rained. I would also swing as high as I could on the playground near my house.

My parents tell me the only thing they used to do was play outside. This was before the Internet and a million television stations ruled our lives. Sometimes it is easy for me to forget just how much fun Mother Nature is, but as soon as I get outdoors, I have the best time.

I challenge you to a whole afternoon out in the sun, playing in the fresh air. Check out this e-zine, Kids Outdoors at www.kidcrosswords.com/kidoutdoors/home.htm, for ideas on enjoying your day outside. Have fun.


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