Week of September 24, 2006

Know the Trail

Hop on board a flight to the Ituri Forest to discover the Ways of Knowing Trail at www.brookfieldzoo.org/
. Click on new friends and get to know whom you are traveling with. On your journey to Epulu, they will be ready to give advice when challenges arise. Marching through the jungle can be rough when you encounter wild elephants and biting insects, but the Forest Factbook is at your disposal. With Tausi, Geoff, Kenge and Terese at your side, this adventure is unforgettably fun.

Nominate a cool Web site at www.4Kids.org/nominations

Visit the Featured Web sites to find the answers.

What are the Bila?



How many muscles are in your body?

Over 600
Over 200
Over 400


Where was Pierre Boulez born?



Awesome Anatomy

See what man is made of at www.sciencenetlinks.com
. Test your skills and build a real body with this cool interactive site. Four of Arnold’s body systems are
missing. Your job is to put his essential organs in their proper place. Push the red button when you are ready to begin and click and drag your way through this challenge. Be careful: One mistake means you must start over. By learning more about the human body you get to know yourself.

Tune Up

Blow through the red velvet curtain and into the New York Philharmonic Orchestra at www.nyphilkids.org. Take a peek into instrument cases in the storage room. From woodwinds to strings, you can see and hear everything played in the orchestra. Then head over to the lab where you can use your new knowledge to create your own instrument. Hang out in the Musician's Lounge and learn about the men and women behind the music. The Game Room is a great place to rest and have fun with a Minuet Mixer or Percussion Showdown!

If you could have any pet, what would it be and why?


Speak Out Here!

Dear Amy: How do I save a site to “Favorites” on my computer? — Rex, Omaha, Neb.

Dear Rex: Favorites are a way to gain quick access to sites you visit frequently. Web browsers such as Internet Explorer or Safari allow users to customize the display and organization of their favorites. You can organize sites by creating folders that will serve to categorize sites that are similar. I have folders about online games, animals and books that hold about 10 sites each.  If you click on Favorites at the top of your screen in Internet Explorer, you can add the site you are currently visiting to your list by clicking on Add to Favorites. In Safari, you can do the same thing by clicking on Bookmarks and Add Bookmark.

Dear Amy: How do I save a site as my homepage? — Lillias, Chicago.

Dear Lillias: To select a site as your home page in Internet Explorer, first go to the site. Select Tools on the menu bar and click on Internet Options. Click on the General tab and follow the directions.

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