Week of September 17, 2006

Tubular Transportation

Zoom through Trans-
portation Futuristics at www.lib.berkeley.edu/
. See whirlybird creations that never took flight, and peek at high hopes held for helicopters. The monorail is still in the works as engineers straighten the kinks. Since the 1940s, automobiles have been the most popular method of transportation, and ideas to improve them have included everything from self-navigation to jet propulsion. Click on the Oddities Gallery to see creative inventions. Where will the imaginations of these inventors take you?

Nominate a cool Web site at www.4Kids.org/nominations

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What does GEM stand for?

Ground Effects Machines
Guard Effects Machines
Grand Entry Machines


What is i-Safe student news called?

Kewl Times
Kewl Kids
Cool Times


In 2002, how many poisoning cases were reported?
Over 3.0 million
Over 2.5 million
Over 2.3 million


X Marks the Block

Make the cyber world your world when you visit X-Block at http://xblock.isafe.org. Talk it up in one of the safest chat rooms on the Net with i-SAFE. The Virtual Training Academy hosts kids from around the world learning about safety on the Internet while they share personal Web experiences with you. Join the class or become an i-Mentor and help others by teaching i-SAFE lessons. You can stay up to date on Web news with Get the 411. From celebrity contributors to a student advisory board, many points of view are covered. Surf safely!

Lab Rats

Learn all about responsible animal care in labs when you visit www.kids4research.org. Click on Animals to read up on pets in the classroom and create a Critter Care Committee to help with duties. Debates show you the popular responses to questions about animal testing, and Diseases explains the benefits of testing to develop cures. Are you interested in an animal laboratory science career? Learn all about possible jobs and the challenges that accompany them, and decide if this is field for you by answering a few questions. Fun Stuff is a must-see with cool games and projects.

How do you deal with friends moving far away?


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Literary Connection

Do you ever think that you should read more, but you cannot seem to pull yourself away from the computer’s mesmerizing screen to dive into a book? You are in luck! There are an increasing number of story Web sites that you can click through for a dose of literature. From mysteries to animal stories, these sites have your interests covered. So slip away on a fall afternoon to Reading Planet or Story Place for a fun adventure, all from the comfort of your own home.

Story Place, The Children's Digital Library

RIF Reading Planet



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