Week of August 27, 2006

Evolve With Darwin

Discover Darwin’s revolutionary contributions to science at www.amnh.org/
. Get to know this young naturalist and how his love of science brought him fame. Set sail on a five-year trip around the world where you can read quotes from Darwin’s journal as he observes animal life along the coast of South America. As Darwin's ideas took shape, his celebrity caused him to move from London, out of the limelight. Research his influence on Evolution Today.

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How many orchid species exist?



What is Knab's unemployment rate?



What percentage of the apple's flesh is water?



Money Matters

Earthlings blast off to Knab on a money
management quest at www.escapefromknab.com. Your ticket back to Earth is costly. Find a job, save your pennies and complete monetary tasks to get back home. Conquer the W-4 tax form with tips from the Knabian Revenue Service. Next, create your budget and save for slime repellant. Check out Personal Information to see what you make, spend and save as you try to reach your financial goals. Live dangerously and you might end up stranded.

Better Your Body

Get healthy while having fun at www.crfa.org/bodyfun. Valuable nutritional information and interesting dietary facts can be found at the Body Fun Library as you browse through bangin' book selections. Whip up a strawberry smoothie or cowboy ranch potatoes in Body Fun Recipes where every meal is a healthy treat. Are you ready for a challenge? Fat and Fiber Shootouts teach you what foods will help you meet the daily requirements as you aim for the bull's-eye. Healthy eating has never been so fun and delicious.

Do you think parents should teach or coach their own kids in school?


Speak Out Here!

Dear Amy: What is Web-based e-mail and how can I get a free account? — Naziha, Taif, Saudi Arabia

Dear Naziha: Great question! Web-based
e-mail accounts are beneficial because you can check your e-mail from any computer connected to the Internet. Several popular services such as Microsoft, Yahoo or Google provide free e-mail. Choose the Internet portals you wish to use or currently use to start an account. Go to the home page and search for e-mail and how to set up an account. Visit this site for more details on starting a new web-based e-mail account: www.learnthenet.com/learn-about/web-email.

Dear Amy: What is the difference between a flash flood warning and a flash flood watch? — Kradeidra, French Camp, Miss.

Dear Kradeidra: A flash flood watch means flash flooding is possible in your area. A flash flood warning means a flash flood is occurring or will occur near you in the near future. For more information and advice, visit http://citrus.fl.us/disaster/storm_definitions.htm. (This site is no longer available.)

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