Week of August 20 , 2006

Smithsonian Sneak

Roam the dark halls of the Smithsonian when you sneak into http://americanart.si.edu/
. Around the corner, the root monster is waiting for you with tasks. Watch out! He can be unpredictable. Cool Smithsonian residents will guide you through your journey after midnight as you solve mysteries and collect codes. You will be an art hero when you help misplaced masterpieces find their homes. Awesome art fun is at your fingertips!

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What is the Root Monster carrying?

a treasure chest
a key
a painting


How many species of salmon are there?



What are in the combine separates the wheat from the debris?
the engine
the auger
the cleaning area


Slammin' Salmon

Dive Deep to meet Sammy Salmon and his buddies at www.canfisco.com
and get to know everything about this cool fish. Coraline, Sammy's friend, tells you how to take care of Sammy and preserve his habitat. Check out what Starfish has to say about the Olympic feats performed during Sammy's salmon life cycle and let Squid get down to business and fill you in on Omega-3 and nutrition. Avoid sharks in Shark Attack or join Bubbles for a word search when you play Games. Are you Ready? Take the plunge!

On the Farm

Head on down to www.msichicago.org/exhibit
and get harvest new knowledge on the farm. Farmers are a busy bunch with cool tools helping them get the job done. The Combine supports modern farming and is a super valuable instrument. Get a good look at how the grain is harvested when you roll through the combine menu. Take a tour at Exhibit and see pictures of a real dairy barn and soy shed. Think you know your farm facts? A Quiz will test your general farm knowledge and prove your expertise. (This site is no longer available.)

When do you think you are supposed to decide on a career ?


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Power of Food

The United Nations Food Force Web site recently reported that 800,000 people in the world need food assistance. This is a shocking concept for many in our rich nation to grasp. Those less fortunate may seem a world away, but there are things you can do at home to help. Learning about nutrition and how food fuels your body is important. Practicing moderation and not being wasteful can also help our resources last. Keep your eyes peeled for food drives and relief efforts being made in your area and particiapte when you can.
Learn about other country’s resources and get ideas on how to help conserve worldly goods when you check out the sites below:

Food Force

Nutrition Decision

Food Detectives


Ask Amy a Question

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