Week of August 6, 2006

Planting the Seed

Feed your left brain at SEED www.seed.slb.com/home.
, where scientists and engineers share their expertise with students all over the world. Looking for a challenge? Take on a Science Teaser. If you are feeling philanthropic, find out how to start a local water project in Things to Do and make your community a better place to live. Then visit the Science Lab and put your own star into orbit and test your math skills. Science Watch focuses on real-world uses of science in Everyday Activities. Dig it!

Nominate a cool Web site at www.4Kids.org/nominations

Visit the Featured Web sites to find the answers.

How many different countries are represented in SEED's Art Exhibition?



What is the fourth dimension according to Einstein?



What is apartheid?
racial acceptance
a law
racial segregation


Study Up!

Discover the meaning of “ology” when you visit www.amnh.org/ology. Learn all about your universe, from archeology to volcanology as you click through amazing science fields. Put your DNA through a blender in Genetics or create a coral reef in Marine Biology. As you explore, collect 258 colorful science cards. where new cards are available each time you sign into the site. For super science help, Meet the Ologisits and get to know experts in your ology. Experiment away!

Travel Time

You are invited to learn more about South Africa when you travel to www.questconnect.org/
. Discover what makes the Economy work in this mineral rich country. Look up Geography and Climate to learn more about the weather south of the equator. Familiarize yourself with the population in People and Ethnic Groups and get to know a new culture. An African Adventure is waiting for you so follow explorers through videos, pictures and e-mail. Welcome to the birthplace of humankind!

Do you think schools should get rid of vending machines?


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Making Good Choices

Warning! You might be seeing a change in your school soon. Vending machines that once graced the halls may be banned in some states. Sugary and fatty foods are on the way out and some kids are unhappy about this new

I'm all for yummy treats, but sugary snacks during the school day do not help the learning process. Sugar will cause your energy to spike but then you crash soon after, leaving you less alert and more hungry than you started.

If your school has vending machines there are some ways to resist certain temptations. Healthy options are available to you, you just need to know what to choose. Maybe pretzels or fruit snacks could satisfy your hunger without hurting your health and harming your education.

Check out this site for more information on health and nutrition, www.nutritionexplorations.org.


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