Week of July 30, 2006

A Winning Combination

Art and science come together online at www.princeton.edu/
, Princeton University’s first annual Art of Science Competition. Almost 100 students submitted works of art depicting their scientific research. Click on the art to see close-up pictures of the winning works with explanations of the chosen subjects. From Color Wheels to Reptiles, many facets of art and science are represented in this amazing display. Visit this site for ideas on how to promote a display in your school.

Nominate a cool Web site at http://www.4Kids.org/nominations/

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How many works are represented in Princeton's display?



How do TV signals travel?

In a straight line
In round circles
In flash pulses


How many astronomers are in North America?



Tune In

Build a satellite for the people of Littleton at www.eduweb.com
. Jimmy and Susie love television but are unable to watch their favorite shows without your help. Click on Littleton townspeople for satellite building suggestions. You must get your satellite into orbit, where it must make its own power, point at Earth and relay signals so Littleton can watch television. When you complete your task, Littleton will finally be able to partake in one of America's favorite pastimes.

Awesome Agronauts

Accept your mission to embark on Adventures of the Agronauts at www.ncsu.edu/project/
. Join Rosy and her friends to find out how to grow plants on the moon. Complete the Agronaut Training Missions and report back to Commander Spud Goodroot to prove your Agronaut expertise. If you need help, turn to the Glossary for important terms and definitions. Loving your new knowledge? Before you leave, click on Career Corner to find out about opportunities in this cool field!

Do you think pets should be neutered and spayed? Why or why not?


Speak Out Here!

Dear Amy: How do I use e-mail? — Robert, Santa Fe, N.M.

Dear Robert: Using e-mail is simple and fun. I use e-mail all the time to communicate with my friends, family and teachers. It is a great way to keep in touch with people all over the globe, and best of all, it is free. You can visit this site to learn how to set up your own account, www.wowusa.com/Internet101/email.htm. You must decide on a user name and a password. Have fun creating your new e-mail account! (This site is no longer available.)

Dear Amy: What is a good password? — Nicole, Worthington, Ky.

Dear Nicole: You need a password for just about everything: ATM machines, e-mail accounts and log-ins. Some services require that the passwords include numerals, symbols and capitalization. This makes a password more unique and more difficult for someone to discover it. Some people use the same password for all of these things so they can easily remember. Others feel that is unsafe. Visit www.alw.nih.gov/Security/Docs/passwd.html to read recommendations about choosing a good password. (This site is no longer available.)

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