Week of July 16 , 2006

Under the Sea

Dive deep for a lesson on underwater archeology at www.abc.se/~pa/uwa/
. The cold waters of the Baltic Sea have helped preserve shipwrecks from the Viking era. These wrecks entice divers to visit and learn about this amazing maritime landscape. Let this site lure you into the deep water to discover preservation techniques and the history behind this Heritage. Click on the Vasa, Kronan or Gotheborg to get a good look at these impressive wrecks. This cool site is a treasure chest full of knowledge!

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What is another term for decay?



For something to float in water, what must its density be?

Less than 1 gram
More than 1 gram
Exactly 1 gram


How large is the Amazon basin?
2.5 million square miles
2 million square miles
1.5 million square miles


Momentous Motions

Welcome to the Little Shop of Physics at http://littleshop.physics.
. Colorado State University puts on an awesome traveling show with hands-on physics experiments for all ages. Science has never been cooler than in Online Experiments, where you can choose different projects using household objects or your computer. Photos in It's All In Your Head show experiments in action at schools the group has visited. If you would like these science experts to visit your school, click on Want Us to Visit Your School?

Awesome Amazonia

Become an explorer when you Journey Into Amazonia at www.pbs.org/journey
. Enter Amazonia and discover the history of the region. The Amazon Basin continues to be threatened by civilization. Visit Sacred Ground to learn what is being destroyed and what conservation efforts are being made. Powerful Plants gives you insight into green treasures growing in the area, and The Big Top explores the canopy shelter protecting this rich and diverse ecosystem. Be sure to play Amazon Explorer to uncover Amazonia’s mysteries before you hike home!

Do you think your community has adequate handicapped access?

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Story Time

I have always loved reading and I like to share stories with others by reading out loud. I also like to write my own stories. Storytelling is like entering a whole new world where you can meet new people and see new places.

The Internet now provides an array of interactive stories that come alive with sounds, actions and games making these tales impossible to forget. You can even create parts of a story yourself online.
Gather around the computer to enjoy interactive stories at these various sites:

Global Story Train

Activated Storytellers

Fin, Fur and Feather Bureau of Investigation

Heraldry Game


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