Week of July 2 , 2006

Web Driving Skills

Prove yourself worthy of a Web license at http://pbskids.org/license when you learn to navigate your way through the wondrous Web. Are you up for the challenge? Follow the map and answer questions on important Web safety topics from Meeting People to Privacy Policy. Watch for tricky questions as you take this driving test. Once you learn about potential road blocks, an awesome personalized Web license awaits you. Print it out and make sure to sign it. Drive safely!

Nominate a cool Web site at www.4Kids.org/nominations

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What do the Internet and TV have in common?



What machine produces the illusion of movement?



Who is Maggie?
A detective
A monkey
A school teacher


Hammin' It Up

Get familiar with hamster hijinks at www.hamstertours.com. Learn secret hamster code and communicate incognito. Feed your brain with a cool recipe for "Ants on a Banana Bus” and click through the Photo Album for pictures of animated hamsters in action. Play games in Hamsteractive, or amaze your friends when you create The Amazin' HamsterScope. When you are ready to head out, drive away in Hamster R.V.s where you can color your own hamster tour bus and site-see through the Web!

Cool and Curious

Ted and Curious George are solving mysteries and discovering new things everywhere at
. Help them find museum collectibles, unlock lost shrines in Africa, have fun in the big city and keep George out of trouble at the zoo. Curious History gives you fun facts on how George and Ted became famous literary characters, while Games and Mischief is sure to entertain you for hours. See amazing animation in Gallery. Monkeying around is so much fun.

Are there benefits to teaching music in schools? Why or why not?


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Money Smarts

I promised myself a long time ago I would invest money in some sort of bond, CD or investment that would allow my money to grow exponentially, but when I started to read about investing, I got so lost. I did not fully understand the terminology people were using, such as “stock” and “bonds” and the “NASDAQ.” I did not know what the best choice was for me, and I became frustrated, which was not helping me reach my goal.

I have since learned it is better to start with the basics of money management and learn the lingo before trying to decide what would be best for me.

I found a great site full of information that will also help you if you are interested in saving or investing your money:
www.younginvestor.com/kids/investIt. Being money wise will pay off for the rest of your life.
(This site is no longer available.)


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