Week of June 18, 2006

Family Famine

Explore the devastation of the Irish Potato Famine at www.irishpotatofamine.org. Visit the Rural Dwelling of poor families who worked the land in 19th-century Ireland. When the potato blight ruined their crops, many people were forced to move to Workhouses, where they received relief. Others went to The Docks to leave Ireland for a better life elsewhere. Before you leave, go to The School and study the Famine Timeline. Then make your mark on the blackboard activities and go to the head of the class.

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About how many people had to flee Ireland?

1 million
2 million
3 million


What did Jocelyn Burnell discover?



How much does the lunar camera weigh?
700 pounds
400 pounds
7 pounds



Galaxy Quest

Windows to the Universe shows you the way to deep space at www.windows2
. Take a trip through Our Solar System to learn more about our planetary neighbors. Mythology lovers will enjoy stories of ancient beliefs about the sky in Myths, and weather buffs will find cool facts in Geology and Space Weather. History and People provides a bevy of background information on those involved in space explorations of today and yesterday. If you are looking for more answers, “Ask a Scientist” on your way out. (Disclaimer: This site now contains advertisements.)

Zoom Into the Moon

Check out the lunar camera used to help the world see man's first visit to the moon on the Apollo 11 mission at www.newseum.org/
. What Was the Lunar Camera? explains that this contraption had to weigh as little as possible and be able to survive in temperatures up to 250 degrees Fahrenheit. Astronauts such as Neil Armstrong carried the camera on the moon and sent live television broadcasts back to Earth. Find out how this cool camera changed TV news before you moonwalk out of this site. (This site is no longer available.)

What would your dream vacation be?


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Living It Up

Three months of relaxing summer days are yours. What will you do with them? You can take a vacation with your family, spend time with friends or relatives or just play outside. If you are wondering what you will do with all your glorious free time, I researched some ideas to share with you. Check out the sites listed below for some cool activites to help you have a summertime blast. Stay safe and have an awesome summer vacation!

DLTK's Crafts for Kids

Kids’ Turn Central

Kids’ Summer Fun Recipes

Rainbow Magic Seasons

(The third site is no longer available.)


Ask Amy a Question

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