Week of June 11 , 2006

Bite the Big Apple

Fascinating New York facts are waiting for you at http://pbskids.org
. Explore Big Apple History by scrolling through the timeline and clicking on topics that strike your fancy such as Arts and Entertainment or Business and Politics. Once you choose an area of interest, find out What Life Was Like, check out Important Events and get to know Cool People From the Past. In Activities, you can send e-cards or complete projects to keep you New York cool.

Nominate a cool Web site at http://www.4Kids.org/nominations/

Visit the Featured Web sites to find the answers.

Who was the Tiny Ellis Island named after?

Joel Ellis
Samuel Ellis
Rich Ellis


How much of your body weight comes from water?



What is the capital of Egypt?



What to Know About H2O

Make a splash with Water Science for Schools at http://ga.water.usgs.gov
. Geological experts help you dive deep into the pool of water knowledge with Main Water Topics. Water Basics explains the complexity of this life-giving liquid. Water Use gives detailed information on how we use water and shows you just how important water is in your everyday life. If you are thirsty for more, check out the Activity Center and Pictures Gallery for projects and awesome snapshots.

Spread Your Wings

Meet Little Horus, an Egyptian Sky God, for a tour of Egypt at www.horus.ics.org.eg/en/
. Egypt Today provides an overview of Egyptian culture, information on its economy and holidays, and fun facts and photos. History explores the dynasties behind this cradle of civilization, and Where to Go will help you plan your own Egyptian adventure. Awesome recipes to try and pages to color wait for you at Fun Corner. Do not miss out on Games and Story Telling before you go back to your home country.

What would your ideal government be like?


Speak Out Here!

Dear Amy: I need help with science fair project ideas! — Jasmine, Tulsa, Okla.

Dear Jasmine: The world is on your side when it comes to science project ideas. Practically everything around you is science, the atoms in your keyboard, the light waves in a room or photosynthesis taking place in a plant. Once you recognize all the science in your life, you can start asking questions. Create a hypothesis and then you can test your ideas. For more inspiration, check out http://school.discoveryeducation.com/sciencefaircentral/

Dear Amy: Can you show me some cool clip art? — Brice, Brooklyn, N.Y.

Dear Brice: The Internet has lots of clip art available. These images can be used in various documents. Just find a picture you like and copy and paste it into your work. Check out this site, http://school.discovery.com/clipart/category/new0001.html, for the latest in clip art with cool stamps, African masks and insects. Happy hunting!

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