Week of May 28, 2006

Pet Projects

Learn to look at your pet in a new way with Science and Nature: Animals at www.bbc.co.uk/nature/ animals/pets. Test Your Pet and take notes on its special skills. All pets have a wild side. You can read through the fact files to discover who your pets' ancestors are and how certain animals became domesticated. Keep up-to-date on how to take the best possible care of your pet by browsing through specific articles that pertain to our furry friends. Your pet will appreciate your new expertise.

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Why do cats pace?



What is a food makeup artist called?

Food Stylist
Food Decorator
Food Fashionista


How many oceans are there?



Media Madness

You can uncover the mysteries behind media when you visit Don't Buy It at http://pbskids.org/dontbuyit. Advertising Tricks will alert you to underlying commercial messages aimed at specific audiences. Once you learn to interpret advertisements, Buying Smart becomes second nature. Research your entertainment media of choice and discover clever media strategies for making money. Learn about what you can do to make the media more kid friendly and become a super consumer of media.

Awesome Ocean

Since 99 percent of the Earth's living space is water, it’s time you found out more at Planet Ocean, http://school.discoveryeducation.
. Thousands of crazy critters inhabit this underwater world. From the gigantic blue whale to the tiny tubeworm, learn how these animals survive and thrive in their natural habitats. Find out about the amazing survival skills these creatures have acquired when you click on Marine Megastars. The Ocean beckons you to discover fascinating facts on its size, life and energy. Dive in for a wet and wild time.

What do you do if you have stage fright?


Speak Out Here!

Dear Amy: Is the Web site MySpace safe for me to be on? — Moose, Fort Meyers, Fla.

Dear Moose: MySpace is like many public blogs that are becoming popular. They allow people Web space to post their pictures, contact friends and create their own blogs. As with any Web site, especially ones where you can communicate directly with people, MySpace is not 100 percent safe, and it is not made for kids. There are other places where you can communicate with people your own age and create blogs, such as www.studentsoftheworld.info/sites/
. You should also check out Internet safety tips in Safe Surfing at www.4kids.org.

Dear Amy: Who was the first person on the moon? — Betsy, Indianapolis

Dear Betsy: The first person on the moon was astronaut Neil Armstrong. He walked on the moon in 1969. He was the commander of Apollo 11. For a brief biography of this legendary American hero, visit www.worldalmanacforkids.com/WAKI-View

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