Week of May 7 , 2006

Money in Disguise

Cash in by visiting the Money Factory at www.money factory.gov/kids/start.html. Learn all about the clever methods used to outsmart counterfeiters in the Treasure Dome. Choose a game and test your skill as a money detective by distinguishing real money from fake. From watermarks to microprinting, this site explores the ways the U.S. government attempts to cut down on the circulation of pretend cash. Now that you are an expert, do not forget to check out what is in your wallet! (This site is no longer available.)

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What do you call the ink that changes color from green to black?

Color shifting
Color changing


How many moths and butterflies are endangered?



How many chemicals are there in tobacco smoke?
Over 400
Over 4000


Take Flight

Discover a miraculous metamorphosis when you visit the Children's Butterfly Site at www.kidsbutterfly.org. Butterfly photographs will amaze you with their detail and color. Uncover the lives of these beautiful creatures when you learn the four stages of the Butterfly and Moth Life Cycle. If you want to bring out your inner artist, click on Coloring Pages to create your own masterpiece. Make sure to visit Frequently Asked Questions before you have to fly away. (Disclaimer: This site now contains advertisements.)

Open Wide

Give your Mouth Power at www.mouthpower.org. Watch your teeth grow from 1 to 35 years old in Your Tooth Story. Enter the Dental Time Warp to see how dental tools have changed over the past 125 years; you will be glad they did. Tobacco Station allows you to experiment with cigarettes and chewing tobacco, but you are not going to want to put them in your mouth after you see how damaging they are. Next, earn your key to unlock the Creativity Station. If you are hungry, visit the Food Station and see what foods help or hurt your teeth. Don't forget to floss!

Do you think students should have to serve on jury duty?


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Where’s the Beef?

Once upon a time, I thought about becoming a vegetarian. My mom has always experimented with different recipes, cookbooks and diets. One of the diet theories she read about recommended people with my blood type, A+, eat little to no red meat and more fish. It sounded interesting, so I decided to try it for a couple of weeks. But I really missed my chicken nuggets and Hamburger Helper, so I did not stick with the diet.

As I have grown older my tastes have changed, and I have started to do some morefood experimenting of my own. I still eat meat, but I try many vegetarian itemssuch as tofu stir-fries, and I drink non-dairy milk. Many of my friends enjoybeing vegetarians, so I try to accommodate them when I make dinner.

If you are interested in learning about vegetarians and their diets, visit www.vegetarianteen.com/nutrition.shtml.No matter what you decide, it can never hurt to eat more vegetables!
(This site is no longer available.)


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