Week of April 16, 2006


Brush up on current events or get some help from the Homework Helper when you visit Time for Kids at www.timeforkids.com/TFK/
. This awesome site asks your opinion on important world events in the Poll Zone and introduces you to interesting characters in the news in Kid Scoops. If you are looking for something specific, Specials provides a creative array of stories, photo essays and games to play. News is not just for adults. This kid- friendly site will keep you up to date and clue you in to the happenings in our world today.

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How old did Mozart turn this year?



How many hours of sleep do you need?



Where is the Hoover Dam located?
New Mexico


Sweet Dreams

Discover how sleep works with P.J. Bear when you visit Sleep for Kids at www.sleepforkids.org. Are Nightmares keeping you awake? Dreams will help you analyze your fears with nighttime tips. Counting sheep may not help if you can't sleep, but you might like other ideas such as exercising during the day or avoiding caffeine. For a bedtime blast, check out Games and Puzzles, but don't stay up too late! Before you turn in, help P.J Bear Bring out the Stars for a beautiful night sky. You will quickly doze off knowing you are in control of your sleep.

What a View

Stop and take a look with A Sightseer's Guide to Engineering at www.engineeringsights.org. Engineers are hard at work across the nation helping our lives run smoothly in ways you may not realize. Click on a state to see how engineering is at work where you live. Washington, for example, has the longest floating bridge in the world. In Tennessee, engineers built one of the nation's largest coal-fired electric generating plants, the Kingston Fossil Plant. It supplies enough electricity for 700,000 homes. This site is a design for success!

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Beat the School Blues

I receive many requests for awesome game sites, so I thought it was time I shared some ideas with you. After all, we all need to break up our mundane work routine once in awhile. The Internet is loaded with all types of kid-friendly games, but I picked a select few that I thought you might enjoy. Be sure to browse around Yahooligans and National Geographic for more options.

Bug Bait
(This page no longer available.)

Cyber Tiger

Super Hangman

Dragon Puzzles


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