Week of March 26 , 2006

Pen Pals

Enter The World of Calli and Graphy at www.colorsofindia.com
to create a pretty penmanship. Follow the arrows in Strokes and design your own masterpiece. You are invited to the Calligraphy House where you will discover creative penmanship tools and writing surfaces that Calli and Graphy use to hone their skills. Board the bus to Funland to attend the School of Calligraphy. Learn how to write beautiful letters and earn a calligraphy certificate. Mastering this skill is the first step to elegant communication.

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Where did Calli and Graphy meet?

Moutain Top


Where was Sir Herschel born?

Hanover, Germany
Albany, New York
Paris, France


In what
was Da Vinci born?



Cool Cosmos

Do you glow in the dark? Find out at http://coolcosmos.
as you discover the inner workings of the infrared spectrum. See the world in a different light when you visit Cosmic Kids, and hunt for infrared details on animals in Infrared Zoo. Be wowed by cool pictures in IR Portraits and find out why people show up in a variety of infrared colors. Did you know all humans generate their own heat? Use your new knowledge and play Games to re-create images and solve puzzles. Cool Cosmos will make you one cool kid.

A Look at Leo

Become reborn when you look into the life of Leonardo da Vinci, a true renaissance man, at www.museoscienza.org/
. Da Vinci was shaped by an exciting period in history and strove to create tools that would further the development of his beloved city, Florence. In Machines, get an idea of just how many inventions Da Vinci dabbled in, and study Manuscripts to uncover the mystery behind some of Da Vinci's most important works, such as the Windsor Folios and the Madrid Codices. Make sure to visit the Virtual Museum for a “3-D” tour before you leave Da Vinci's world.


What is the best April Fools’ Day joke you have played on someone?


Dear Amy: How do you repot plants? — Nick, Boulder, Colo.

Dear Nick: Repotting plants is necessary when a plant's roots are outgrowing the pot. The new pot should be one to two sizes larger than the current container. First, place soil and drainage material into the new pot. Gently remove the plant from the old pot, break up the roots and transfer your plant into it's new home. Then, add more soil and water. For more details on repotting plants, please visit http://aggie-horticulture.tamu.edu/archives/parsons/

Dear Amy: I have created a Web site and I want to put it on the Web. How do I do this? — Abdallah, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Dear Abdallah: You can choose from several options when you want to post your Web page online. Free services such as Geocities, Tripod and Homestead offer space to post your site. Many commercial sites also offer free space, but may want you to display an advertisement banner. You can also pay a hosting service, which would provide a larger amount of space and a unique domain name. Let us know when you get your site posted, and we will check it out.

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