Week of March 19 , 2006

Queen of the Nile

Walk like an Egyptian to Cleopatra: A Multimedia Guide to the Ancient World at www.artic.edu/cleo/
. Cleopatra embodied the three great cultures of the ancient Mediterranean region: Egypt, Greece and Italy. Discover the uniqueness of these ancient civilizations by viewing videos of each country’s history, art, architecture and more. Zoom in on artifacts such as the Alexander coin and statues of Imhotep and Hadrian. Select Stories to unveil the historic significance of each item. Timeline will guide you on the right path to keeping your “arti-facts” straight. This virtual time capsule is a must-see.

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Who was the greatest Greek hero in the war against Troy?



Which mission took place on May 4, 2002?

EOS Aqua


Who is
named after?
Eddie Thomas
Thomas Edison


A View From Space

For a bird's-eye view of our home planet, visit Earth Observatory at http://earthobservatory. nasa.gov. Shuttle to Data and Images for an impressive look at Atmosphere, Oceans, Land, Life on Earth and Heat and Energy. Enter the newsroom for the latest updates on NASA Earth science research. In Features, explore the world with NASA scientists. Use the Mosaic of Antarctica map to get a picture-perfect view of the frigid and hostile conditions in this dark part of the world. Uncover Earth's mysteries when you step onto this observation deck.

Fortress Fun

Cross the drawbridge and enter the Kids’ Castle at http://kidscastle.si.edu, where imaginative characters and activity choices surround you. Experiment in Science where you will find Message Topics, Facts and Photos and Feature Articles. Get sporty in Sports and view Pele's jersey or a baseball signed by Lou Gehrig and Babe Ruth. Go ape in Animals with Jane and check out the Javanese leaf insect, crowned crane and the Komodo dragon. From History and The Arts to Personalities and Air and Space exploration, this fortress of fun contains something for everyone. (This site is no longer available.)

What is your favorite vacation spot? Why?


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Catch the Book Buzz

What is on the top of your reading list? Books for all ages and interests are available at your local library and bookstore. Before you visit them, you can review book titles, authors and subjects on the Internet. Whether you are in the mood for a comedy, mystery or how-to book, you are sure to find something appealing.

Explore the following sites and discover literary adventures, fantasies and excitement.

Children’s Picture Book Database


Elementary Library

Kids' Books


Ask Amy a Question

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