Week of February 19, 2006

The Deep Sea

Plunge deep and discover the world of Marine Biology: The Living Oceans at www.amnh.org/ology/?channel
. Work the System and meet icthyologist Ian Harrison, then take a closer look at the mangrove ecosystem. Magnify this underwater world to uncover the secret lives of fish. In Ocean Creature Feature, match up a variety of organisms and discover the interesting adaptations that help them survive. Can you make it all the way to the ocean floor? Challenge yourself and play Journey to the Bottom of the Sea, but look out for sharks. Knowledge is power in this watery world.

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What is the process creatures use to create their own light called?



How many weeks do most bees live?



When did
the Wright
Flyer make history?



A Maze of Honey

Swarm the hive with Nature: Alien Empire at www.pbs.org/
and venture through elaborate structures where honeybees care for their infants, store honey and protect the queen. Did you know that without bees, many plants might become extinct? In Pollination, fly out of the hive into the fields of flowers to collect nectar. This essential task is vital to the future of plants and crops as well as the hive. From this sweet juice to a golden mixture, see the hard labor behind the sticky scenes in Storing Honey. This site is “buzz”worthy.

It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane

Take flight alongside Orville and Wilbur with The Wright Brothers: The Invention of the Aerial Age at www.nasm.si.edu
. History was made in Kitty Hawk, N.C., when the Wright Flyer became the first powered air machine to achieve sustained flight. Who Were Wilbur and Orville? chronicles significant milestones in the brothers’ lives. From their first taste of aeronautical research to their powered airplane, Inventing a Flying Machine takes you through the Wright brothers’ trials and experimentations. Soar high when you take part in the power of flight.

How many times a day should you brush your teeth?


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Scientific Games

As you probably know, schoolwork can be very time-consuming and stressful. Take a break from your studies and enter the game zone, where you will continue to make the grade. Check out these scientific challenges:

Environmental Kids Club

Engaging Science

Scientific Slugger

Word Science

Pods Mission


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