Week of February 5, 2006

Meet the Mughals

Take a journey back in time to Mughal India at www.mughalindia.co.uk
. Spin the globe and locate the Mughal Empire and surrounding modern capitals such as New Delhi, Bangkok and Singapore. Pull down the projector and view slides of favorite Mughal pastimes like brilliant firework displays and archery. The calendar reveals a converter equation to uncover how Islamic and Western dates match up. Be sure to check out the model of the Taj Mahal before you leave - it’s a Mughal masterpiece not to be over looked.

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When did the Islamic calendar begin?

AD 622
BC 742


Who always wanted to be a thermal engineer?



How many games are there at the turtle's game and activities?


Space Is the Place

Blast off to Space Place at www.spaceplace.nasa.gov/en
, where science is fun. Watch Kate and Carlos interview scientists on their talk show Space Place Live! Be a contestant on the Space Place Quiz Show and rack up some points. In Games, try to rescue your words from monstrous gravitational forces in the Black Hole Rescue! Projects will help you discover what tortillas and rocket fuel have in common when you make a tortilla spacecraft. Fire away in Animations and shoot a cannon ball into outer space. This site is out of sight.

Where It’s At

Kids' Place at www.eduplace.com/kids has all the homework help you need for math, science, language arts, social studies and more. Choose your grade level, 1 to 6, and a textbook at School Books to discover topics such as Mulan, A City at Sea or Earthquake Terror. How strong is your brain? Test it out at Brain Power and see if you can successfully complete the Brain Teasers, Web Word Find and Tackle Reading. If you are ready for recess, then play Games. Wacky Web Tales and Fake Out! will give your mental muscle a workout. The school bell is ringing here.

How far in advance should you start studying for a test? Why?


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Canine Diabetes

Inever thought dogs could have the same diseases that people do, until my parents’ AustralianTerrier, Duncan, was diagnosed with diabetes. He is having a tough time now.

I decided to do research about diabetes in canines, and found some informationat www.pgaa.com/canine/health/diabetes.html.Apparently diabetes is the most common hormonal disease in dogs and is causedby a deficiency in insulin, which regulates how sugar is absorbed in the body.

My parents have to give Duncan insulin shots in his neck in the morning and eveningwhen he eats. Duncan is getting more and more health problems, including cataracts,a coating over his eyes that can lead to blindness.

There are ways to detect and treat a disease like canine diabetes in your pet.It is important to take your animal friend to the vet for yearly checkups, similarto how you should visit the doctor. If your animal is sick, it is best to putyour pet on a treatment schedule planned by your veterinarian as soon as possible.


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