Week of January 29, 2006

Climatic Changes

Discover how climate change is impacting water, earth, fire and air with Sila at www.nature.ca/sila. Sila is the Inuktitut word meaning climate and all things that surround us. The Introduction invites to you explore the Arctic, where the climate is changing faster than anywhere else on Earth. Adventure will have you answering the ocean's S.O.S., roaming with caribou, flying with thunderbolts and checking the pulse of climate change. In Awareness see how greenhouse gases in the atmosphere are changing the weather and affecting our world. Get clued in to climate.

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Which greenhouse gas absorbs heat?

Carbon Dioxide
Nitrous Oxide


What television show introduced the most slang words?

Family Guy


When the boat flips, what do the decks become?



Diversified Tongues

Do You Speak American? Find out at www.pbs.org/speak where you will see what Americans are adding to their vocabulary daily. Words That Shouldn't Be? discusses lingo and the origins of language. Did you know that half of the countries in the world have an official language, but the United States is not one of them? From Sea to Shining Sea tracks the varieties of American English and the debate to make English America's official language. What Lies Ahead? peeks into the future to see how English will evolve. Become fluent in the language of the future.


Meet FLIP at Flipping for Science at http://sio.ucsd.edu/voyager/flip, a Floating Instrument Platform and the world's coolest oceanographic research lab. Check out movie clips to hear from the captain and see how FLIP “flips” into a vertical position in the ocean. Science on FLIP explains how this is advantageous to the study of sound waves in water. Create your own version of FLIP with A FLIP Activity. Visit the FLIP Gallery before you leave this topsy turvy site for amazing photographs from the crew. You will flip for FLIP.


If you could set a world record, what would it be?

Speak Out Here!

Dear Amy: What is radiation therapy? — Naomi, Tucson, Ariz.

Dear Naomi: Radiation therapy is one form of treatment for people with cancer. When a person has cancer, normal cells can grow throughout the body causing illness. Radiation therapy is used to kill cancer cells. A person lies on an X-ray table so that the radiation therapist can identify where the cancer cells are in the body. Then a large machine delivers a dose of radiation. This is done daily, sometimes for several weeks, until the cancer cells have been killed. Visit www.kidshealth.org/kid/health_problems/cancer/radiation.html for more information about radiation therapy.

Dear Amy: When did the ARPANET start? — Joey, Williamsburg, Va.

Dear Joey: The ARPANET, the Advanced Research Projects Agency, was designed in the 1960s for the U.S. Defense Department. It was the beginning of the Internet. The design of the ARPANET allowed computers to communicate with each other by using Interface Message Processors. For more information about the development of this computer, visit www.funet.fi/index/FUNET/history/internet/

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