Week of January 15, 2006

Feed Your Face

Demonstrate wise nutritional choices with Smart-Mouth at www.smart-mouth.org. Pile goodies on your tray in Choose UR Chews and see how your favorite foods stack up with the Sat-Fat-O-Meter and Cal-O-Meter. Be aware, the food industry sometimes stretches the truth to sell a product. Decide “so true” or “no way” in Trust Gus, to see if industry spokesmen are pulling your leg. In Feed the Face try a challenging brainteaser, and be sure to check out the face’s expression if you answer incorrectly. After a visit to this site, next time you are called a smart-mouth, take it as a compliment.

Nominate a cool Web site at http://www.4Kids.org/nominations/

Visit the Featured Web sites to find the answers.

What is the official serving size for a soda?

2 cups
3 cups


How often should you practice your math?

3 times a week
Every other day


What is the main ingredient of material in soil?


Multiply Your Fun

Perfect your math skills with the help of Kids Numbers at www.kidsnumbers.com. Flash Cards has several addition, subtraction, multiplication and division games to provide aid in the mastery of these skills. Add It Up and find a target number or race to the green light at Division Flash. In case you get stuck there is a calculator you can take advantage of. The Magic Math Box challenges your mathematical creativity. If spatial math isn't your forte, play the Squaratic Challenge to boost your skill. Math Foundations put math concepts to work and give you the formula for success.

Gardens in Bloom

Grab your shovel and seeds and head out to the Science of Gardening at www.exploratorium.edu/gardening, where gardening is both a science and an art. View Peter's Savage Garden in Feed, where you can explore the deadly but beautiful world of carnivorous plants through video. How have grafting, hybrids and transgenics changed plant cultivation? Explore Control, where Three Ways to Make a New Plant contains the answer. Hello Dahlia! Check out these beautiful flowers in Bloom and see why they have captivated gardeners. Stop and smell the roses.

Do you think it is important to eat breakfast in the morning?


Speak Out Here!

Freeze the Moment

Photography is a great hobby. Whether you are on a special trip or walking to school, you can capture rare and beautiful images. Several types of cameras can be used too. Digital cameras are becoming more common and less expensive. Polaroid cameras are older, but they are fun because you can see your photographs right away. Manual cameras demand your attention to light, angles and details. Disposable cameras are fun for outings where you can just point and shoot. Whichever you prefer, cameras are a wonderful tool to observe the world. Check out these fun sites and see great photography in action:

Aerial Photography

Get the Picture

National Geographic AdventurePhoto Tips

(The last site is no longer available.)


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