Week of December 25, 2005

Mega Math

Take math to new levels with This Is Mega Mathematics! at
. Each topic contains The Big Picture where activities, background info, big ideas and key concepts can be found. View the Four Color Theorem in The Most Colorful Math of All and decide if this problem has truly been solved. Using Algorithms and Ice Cream for All, give The Ice Cream Stands Problem a lick. Connect the dots with Games on Graphs to look at the tools used in creating these mathematical models. This site makes mathematics mega fun.

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What theory studies objects connected with dots and lines?



How many ounces of whole grains should be eaten every day?



How many carbon atoms are in a buckyball?



Pyramid Power

Scale the new and improved food pyramid with MyPyramid at www.mypyramid.gov/kids. The My Pyramid for Kids Worksheet will have you track your food intake to see how your meals measure up. Do you want to know how much of each food group you need daily? MyPyramid Plan offers customized food guides and healthy eating tips. In the MyPyramid Blast Off Game, fill the MyPyramid rocket ship with smart food choices and physical activity to fly to Planet Power. Be careful not to overload your fuel tank.

What’s the Matter?

Call it plain weird or call it Strange Matter — you be the judge at www.strangematterexhibit.com. Zoom Inside Stuff such as an aluminum can and find out how many aluminum atoms make up the width of one hair. Play the scientist and Transform Stuff by combining raw materials such as silicon, iron or carbon into new elements. For example, did you know that you can make a cell phone out of sand? Materials’ strengths are put to the test at the Materials Smackdown in Crush Stuff.


What is the best gift you have ever recieved?


Speak Out Here!

Dear Amy: How do I publish my Web site on the Web? — Troy, Minneapolis

Dear Troy: To publish your site you must put all of the HTML and graphic files on a Web server that will host your site. At www.shire.net/learnwebdesign/publish.htm you can find a free program that will publish non-commercial pages. You may need to contact your current web service provider for specific technical information.

Dear Amy: How can I make my own cards? — Stephanie, Fort Collins, Colo.

Dear Stephanie: Cards are easy and fun to make. The materials you need include items such as paper, yarn, scissors, glue, stickers, markers and more. You can use these items to make pop-up cards or sewing cards. To make a really neat talking mouth pop-up card, check out http://joanirvine.com/HowTo.aspx. Pop-up cards are unique and can be personalized. More card patterns are available online. You can always make your own design. Your personalized masterpieces are bound to make someone feel special.

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