Week of December 18, 2005

Peter Packet

Join Peter Packet in Packetville to learn about technology at www.cisco.com/warp/public/779/edu
. In Games, play Episode II: Penny's Search and help her find cool careers in technology while dodging hackers and swimming in a data stream full of electromagnetic eels. Continue to Activities, where you can Test Your Internet IQ. Young Heroes features an all-girls fire fighting team. In Cool Techie News, go behind the scenes at the Pixar Animation Studio or watch an awesome movie on the growth of the Internet. This site packs a whole lot of fun.

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What was the first known computing device?

Collarboneof a human
Shinbone of a wolf
Thighbone of a giraffe


What is the first lieutenant of a ship in the British Royal Navy known as?

Number 2
Number 4


Where were
Vikings from?


Math Mania

Experience the joys of math with Count On at www.counton.org. In Games, play Who Wants to Be a Mathonaire and try to reach a million points by answering math questions with five levels of difficulty. Learn how math is used to create cellphone ringtones by searching the archives of The Sum in News. Journey into Numberland to read stories about the unique properties of each “magic square.” In Explorer, read The Wise Wizz of Woo poem and discover how the Wiz invented numbers. You can count on a good time when you visit Count On.

Floating on Forgery

Set sail with The Viking Deception at www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/vinland to discover if the famous Vinland Map is authentic and to learn more about the brutal lives of the Vikings. The 15th-century Vinland Map depicts Viking exploration. Decipher the clues at The Map in Question and make your own decision. Find out more about map forgery when visiting The Forger’s Inspiration. Famous Fakes provides examples of forged documents and artwork such as Shakespeare's Lost Play and Jack the Ripper's Diary. Bon voyage!

How can you help those less fortunate this holiday season?


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Web Page Design

The tools to create your own Web page are at the tips of your fingers. The Internet has many tutorials to help you learn basic HTML code, which will be the key to creating your site. In addition to text, you can include your own photos, designs, music and more. A personal Web site is a great place to showcase your talents and interests.

Below you can find some links I thought might help you in your Web page creation. Good luck!

Kid Space @ The Internet Public Library

Create Your Own Web Page

Web Genies

Introduction to Web Pages for Absolute Beginners

(The last two sites are no longer available.)


Ask Amy a Question

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