Week of December 11, 2005

ID the Creep

The Internet is lurking with unexpected predators. Pick out the bad guys by playing Id the Creep at www.idthecreep.com. Select your character, one of three girls who like to surf the net, then try to identify the creeps in e-mails, chat rooms or instant messages During the game, observe dialogues and try to detect potential dangers. Watch out for tricky conversation starters and questions from people you do not know. Remember not to give out your personal information and stay safe online.

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What grade is Alicia in?



What do the Lakota call winter counts?

Waniyetu Wowapi


What are auroras in the North called?
Northern Lights
Bright Lights
Colorful lights



Lakota Winter Counts

Mark the passage of time with Lakota Winter Counts at http://wintercounts.si.edu. Winter counts are histories or calendars that record events with pictures. Learn Who Are the Lakota by listening to an overview that includes westward migrations, horses and guns, conflicts, and treaties. View Winter Counts is the Smithsonian's database of symbols and artifacts used by Lokota historians. What Are Winter Counts? includes video interviews with personal connections to the tradition of keeping winter counts. Record the events of your year.

Bright Skies

Journey far north and south to experience Auroras! Mysterious Lights in the Sky at http://ds9.ssl.berkeley.edu/
. Once a year auroras can be seen almost anywhere. As you complete your journey, learn about the role the sun plays in creating auroras and the scientists who study them. People from all over the world have wondered about auroras. In Science Facts, find out information about their brilliant curtains of color. Invite your friends to join you on your journey of discovery so you will all know how to find them in the dark sky at night.


How do you plan on spending your winter holiday off from school?


Speak Out Here!

Dear Amy: How do I look after a horse? — Samone, Albertinia, South Africa

Dear Samone: Horses require a lot of maintenance, but once you get the hang of everything you will be good to go. Horses should be fed twice daily. They eat food like barley, oats and hay. Find out more about feeding and different breeds at www.henry.k12.ga.us/pges/
. Horses also need to be groomed and exercised. Check out this helpful site to find out how: www.horsecentric.com/articles/horse-care/index.php.

Dear Amy: Can you help me with math? — Addie, Silver City, N.M.

Dear Addie: Math can be a difficult subject for many people. That's why it's good to practice as much as you can. Practicing math doesn't have to be boring either. With the help of ancient mathematicians Hypatia and Pythagoras, you can play The Maths File Game Show at www.bbc.co.uk/education/mathsfile/index.shtml. Number, algebra and data worksheets are also available to print off.

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