Week of November 27, 2005

Out of This World

Blast into space with ESA Kids at www.esa.int/esaKIDSen. Explore Our Universe and get the facts on Planets and Moons, Stars and Galaxies, Comets and Meteors and The Sun. Have you ever wondered what Life in Space would be like? Living in Space highlights life in a space station, where people live and work together as a team. In Liftoff, join Agent Bacon for some interactive fun. Meet the SSETI Express Team, students from 10 universities in nine European countries, building the SSETI Express satellite. Orbit all around this site.

Nominate a cool Web site at http://www.4Kids.org/nominations/

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What are the coolest, slowest burning stars called?



What famous artist was influenced by the art of Africa?



What is WTE?


The Cycles of African Art

Take a safari into African Life Through Art at www.ima
and learn how Africans chronicle their heritage throughout the life cycle. In Gallery, view sculptures native to each of the five regions in Africa. Youth explains how young girls are initiated into the culture and earn skirts that adorn colorful patterns of meaning. In Adulthood, view a video of an African celebration. Analyze a sculpture in Leadership to understand how artists use personal characteristics to represent people. How could your life cycle be represented?

Clean Sweep U.S.A.

Roll up your sleeves and Clean Sweep U.S.A. at www.cleansweepusa.org. Landfill Lounge describes what a sanitary landfill is and helps you build your own. Waste Watchers emphasizes reducing, reusing and recycling trash and lets you clean up after the Garbage Goon. In Compost Office, give our landfills a break and find out how to make your own soil. Recycling Rules isn't all serious. Play interactive games and discover what makes a product recyclable. Energy to Burn is about making solid waste into energy. Help keep America clean.

How can you be helpful to your family during the holiday season?


Speak Out Here!

And the Beat Goes On

In1996, the Internet and World Wide Web were both still in their infancy. Computertechnology was like a toddler, ready to take its first big steps, creating worryfor its parents. Then came www.4Kids.org.

Back in the day, in 1996, there were no iTunes or iPods. You couldn’t “google” anyone.Nor were there DVDs, Webmail, or broadband. Modems ran at 28.8K bits/second.Cell phones were not yet on the elementary school playground.

In our DVD-driven, cell phone ringing, MP3 world of 2005, www.4Kids.org stillis boldly going where no other Web sites for kids have gone before. 4Kids beganas a newspaper feature and Web project to address the concern of adults aboutchildren’s access to inappropriate material on the Internet. And everyweek, we continue to present reviews of non-commercial, kid-friendly, safe Websites for kids.

With this, our 500th issue, www.4Kids.org thanks you, our audience, for standingby us for those 500 issues. And we hope to produce 500 more. We look forwardto bringing you more of the best and safest Web content for kids for years tocome.


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