Week of November 20 , 2005

Art of America

Share in the exceptional beauty of native art with First American Art: The Charles and Valerie Diker Collection of American Indian Art at www.nmai.si.edu/exhibitions/
. First American Art is a collaboration of curators, scholars, artists and the collectors, Charles and Valerie Diker. This site showcases the beautiful objects in the Dikers’ collection, such as pottery, sculpture, leatherwork and much more in the categories Integrity, Emotion, Movement, Idea, Composition, Intimacy and Vocabulary. Cultural heritage runs deep in this native art Web site.

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When did the Dikers start collecting art?



What are the African-Americans on the Sea Islands of Georgia called?



What were the first disc records made of?


You’re So “Gullah”ble

Head over to Gullah Net at www.knowitall.org/gullahnet to find out about the culture of West African descendants who live in the Sea Islands of South Carolina and Georgia. What is Gullah? explains the history, language and traditions of these fascinating people. In Listen to Gullah, you can hear Aunt Pearlie-Sue pronounce some English words in Gullah and read tales such as “The Little Red Hen” and “What a Friend.” Make sure to explore the Gullah Traditions of making baskets and fishnets. Enjoy your island visit.

Records of the Past

Spin your way to Emile Berliner: Inventor of the Gramophone at http://memory.loc.gov/ammem/
. This site documents Berliner’s great inventions, of which the gramophone is arguably his most famous. The Berliner Recordings contains samples of music and voices that you can listen to that were recorded with the gramophone. The Gramophone highlights the challenges Berliner overcame to develop discs that record sound. His first patent for the gramophone, a word which he also invented, was awarded in 1887. Celebrate Berliner’s legacy at this great site.

What indoor activites do you enjoy during the winter months?


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Measuring Up

Mosteverything we do or use in life can be measured: energy, light, what we eat,what we weigh and much more. Each item has a different measurement system, andthere are many different systems of measurement. Conversion tools help you tonavigate between one system of measurement and another. Find out how you measureup with these great sites.

World Wide Metric Conversion Calculatorwww.worldwidemetric.com/metcal.htm

Cooking Measures and Conversion Calculator

What’s the Right Weight for My Height?

Physical and Astronomical Quantities


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