Week of November 13 , 2005

Bright Ideas

Foster the inventive spirit in you with Invent Now: National Inventors Hall of Fame at www.invent.org. In Hall of Fame, search inventions by inventor, induction date or decade, or find Induction Information. Inventor Profile showcases the man behind the mouse, Walt Disney. Do you have a great idea for an invention? In How to Patent, learn about the most vital step in protecting your invention, the patent, and how to keep your ideas while sharing them with others. With this site, have an “aha” moment.

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Who found 325 ways to enjoy a peanut?

G. Carver
L. Alvarez
E. Hazen


Who were the first humans to domesti-cate the turkey?



Who painted “Watson and the Shark”?
J. Copley
D. Flavin
W. Homer



Gobble Gobble

Examine the life and times of one of America's most incredible birds at American Turkey at www.carnegiemnh.org/exhibits/
. In Meet the Turkey, learn all about turkeys and even click on a body part for more info. Turkeys have been roaming the Americas for 10 million years. A Turkey's Tale highlights Turkeys in America, Turkeys on the Move and A Bird for All Seasons. Find out why the turkey is more than just a Thanksgiving main course. (This site is no longer available.)

Adventures in Art

Brush up on your art knowledge with NGA Kids, a National Art Gallery for kids, at www.nga.gov/kids. Fill your palette with interactive art activities in the Art Zone, such as PixelFace and 3-D Twirler. In the Sculpture Garden, find out what Lizzy and Gordon are up to. Next, play Hide and Seek with a painting by James Jacques Joseph Tissot. In George Catlin's Paintings of Native Americans, create your own American Indian name. Through Wassily Kandinsky's “Improvisation 31(Sea Battle),” discover the relationship between mood and color. This site has more to reveal, so take a close look.


Do you get a flu shot every year? Why or why not?


Speak Out Here!

Dear Amy: What are hyperlinks? — Kanika, Colombo, Sri Lanka

Dear Kanika: Hyperlinks are pictures or text that you can click on to move between Web pages and Web sites. When you move your cursor over a hyperlink, it will most likely turn into a hand with a pointing finger. The Web is a series of hyperlinks. When you enter a Web site, you click on hyperlinks to navigate through the entire site. For more information on hyperlinks, visit www.iucnrosa.org.zw/
. (This site is no longer available.)

Dear Amy: Where do I find maps of continents with river and mountain names? — Tasha, Limerick, Maine

Dear Tasha: The type of map you are looking for is a topographical map. Topography is the study of surfaces, elevation and relief, either man-made or natural. There are several map resources available online such as National Geographic at www.national
and Maps and Globes at www.mcwdn.org/ MAPS&GLOBES/MapsGlobesFrame.html.

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