Week of October 16, 2005

Charting the West

An expedition to the West awaits you with Lewis and Clark: Mapping the West at www.edgate.com/lewisandclark. In 1804, Lewis and Clark embarked on a journey to map new territory from the Mississippi River to the Pacific Ocean. In The Expedition, read an overview of Lewis and Clark's adventure. Mapping the West contains Thomas Jefferson's instructions to Lewis and examines the importance of mapping. Visit Filling the Empty Space to view Lewis and Clark’s new map of the West. This site charts new territory.

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How many miles did Lewis and Clark travel?



How many gallons of water does the coral reef tank hold?



How many Earths would fit inside Saturn?



Under the Surface

Slip on your flippers and dive into the Seattle Aquarium at www.seattleaquarium.org. In the Kids zone, check out the mysterious moon jellies in Creature Feature. You can find out about Current Exhibits and learn about fish that swim in the Puget Sound or about Life on Ice in Antarctica. Conservation will inform you about ways to protect marine life. This site has an ocean full of info, including sea otter and turtle rescue and rehab and sixgill shark research. Once you dive in, you won’t want to leave this incredible site.

Ring Around the Planet

Join Cassini and his buddy Huygens as they explore the planet Saturn with Cassini-Huygens: Mission to Saturn and Titan at http://saturn.jpl.nasa.
. In Activities, build your own model of Cassini or of Saturn. Also, check out the interactive activity book for games, puzzles and pictures to color. Read some Amazing Stories to learn about the people involved in a mission's success. Fun Facts will fill your head with fascinating information about Saturn, Spacecraft, A Little History and more. Discover the wonders of Saturn.

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Weather or Not

With a change of seasons upon us, it’s time to say goodbye to the sizzle of summer and welcome colder temperatures. Paying attention to the unpredictable fall and winter weather will help keep you from being blown away by unexpected wind, rain, hail or even extreme cold. Investigate the following weather and temperature sites to find out more. Bundle up!

About Temperature

What Is Absolute Zero?

World Temperature Extremes

Make Your Own Weather Station


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