Week of October 9, 2005

Haka Down

’Kay Mate! Learn how to haka at www.newzealand.
. Haka is a war dance that is now performed by the All Blacks rugby team in New Zealand. History explains that the haka is part of the Maori heritage from the early 19th century and was derived from the sun god Ra. At Icon, you can watch a video of the All Blacks performing the haka prior to kickoff. Artform includes the menacing facial expressions and types of haka. Visit Special Features to learn to haka yourself.

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What is potete?



Who is the
greatest soccer star?



Detectives use
ballistics to
gather evidence
from what
bullets and firearms



Break Into Sports

The Smithsonian Institution proudly presents Sports: Breaking Records, Breaking Barriers at http://americanhistory.si.edu/ sports. This online exhibit features artifacts and athletes from more than a dozen sports in areas such as Firsts, Olympians, More Than Champions, Barrier Removers and Superstars. On and off the field, athletes have transformed sports and our society. Find out how much you know about sports history in Fun and Games as you test your knowledge. Discover the greatest legends of sports.

Eye Spy

Come on, Sherlock, and investigate History Detectives at www.pbs.org/opb/ historydetectives. About History Detectives explains how a team of experts works to get to the bottom of old mysteries. Delve into Case Files and find out if George Washington’s portrait is really trash or treasure. Hone your research skills at Investigative Techniques, where you can find out about hi-tech methods such as DNA analysis, ballistics and forensic pathology. You can even act like a real detective at Do-It-Yourself. Then play On the Case, Time Capsule and more at Games and Quizzes. Dust for prints before leaving this site.


Should girls be allowed to play in youth football leagues?


Speak Out Here!

Dear Amy: How can I make my own Web site? — Shahbaz, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Dear Shahbaz: The Create Your Own Web Page site at www.smplanet.com/webpage/webpage.html will guide you with seven simple steps. When you have completed your Web site, you can find free services to publish your site. In order to sign up for a service, you may have to fill out a Web form. Be sure to have a parent or guardian help you fill out any form that asks for personal information. Let me know when your Web site is done so I can look at it. Good luck!

Dear Amy: Where can I find some help with digital photography? — Harry, Abington, Mass.

Dear Harry: There are some great digital photography tips at the APTE Digital Photography Resource Center at www.apte.com/tools/
. For specific tips, such as how to reduce red-eye, how to send pictures to family and friends or how to use your camera’s flash, try www.apte.com/tools/photography/phototips.cfm. Also, at www.apte.com/tools/photography/glossary.cfm, you’ll find a useful glossary of digital photography terms.

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