Week of June 19, 2005

A League of Their Own

Diamonds are a girl's best friend. Baseball diamonds, that is. At www.aagpbl.org, get on base with the women of the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League who played from 1943 to 1954. Read team rosters and view team photos under Players and Teams. Slide into League to learn the rules of the game, league records and information on Rules of Conduct and Charm School. Call a time-out to get to know the players in Player Biographies and Player Interviews. Then, in Player and Reunion Photos, take a look at the ladies, past and present. This site is a home run.

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What team was the 1943 play-off champion?

Racine Belles
South Bend Blue Sox
Rockford Peaches


How many million square miles is the Sahara Desert?



What were the people who stood around the stage called?



An African Adventure

Go on the exploration of a lifetime as you view Africa at www.pbs.org/wnet/africa. Using the map tool, Explore the Regions of Africa to visit 43 countries, listen to music and even go on a safari. The Sahara, Sahel, Savanna and Swahili Coast are waiting to be discovered. In each region, check out The People and Eco Info to understand life in that area. In Photoscope, take a look at five contemporary issues Africa faces. Once you have learned all there is to know about Africa, test your knowledge as you take the African Challenge. Fifteen questions in 150 seconds: Are you up for the challenge?

What’s in a Name?

All the world's a stage, and the men and women merely players. The Folger Shakespeare Library presents Shakespeare for Kids at www.folger.edu/template.cfm?
. Get an inside look at the life and times of William Shakespeare in Fun Facts. You can impress your friends with Shakespearean quotes, or put on a play of your own using Shakespeare Scripts for Kids in Words Words Words. Brush up on your Shakespearean knowledge as you attempt to identify the speakers of some very famous lines in Shakespeare Challenges. To view or not to view, not even a question.

Should cities be able to limit when and where you can light fireworks?


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Beat the Heat

Keep your body cool and your computer warm this summer by playing tons of fun online games. The summer days can get long and tiring when you are outside all day. To pass the time while avoiding those hot summer rays, boot up your computer and head to a site that's cool. Whether you want to play chess against the computer or find your way out of a maze with friends, these sites provide plenty of great options.

Rainbow Magic Summer

A Game a Day


National Geographic Kids

(The first site is no longer available.)


Ask Amy a Question

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