Week of May 22 , 2005

Testing Your Tech

It's hip to be square at www.gettech.org, a site that shows you how cool it is to have technology in your future. GetTech Careers introduces you to jobs involving technology, how much money you can make and what kind of education you need to get there. Test Your Tech by taking quizzes on technology facts. Math and Science each include useful resources and project ideas to brush up your skills. You can find technology in the most random of places. GetTech Kids tells where you might find technology hiding in your everyday life. Become a too-cool techie.

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What career allows you to design and manufacture robots for industries?

Mechanical Drafter
Civil Engineer
Robotics Technologist


Which author won the 2004 Newbery Medal?

DiCamillo, Kate
Peck, Richard


Who is considered to
be the father
of surfing?
Bud Browne
Corky Carroll
Duke Kahanamoku



A Galaxy of Knowledge

Travel to the farthest reaches of Kidspace at http://thelibrary.springfield. missouri.org/kids/kids.cfm. Do a little site seeing around the Book Planet where the current Caldecott, Newbery and Coretta Scott King books are located. In the Homework Station's Searchasaurus, you can view thousands of articles from magazines, newspapers, encyclopedias and books. Check out the Galaxy of Fun for some Poetry Fun or view the latest Design-a-Bookmark contest winners. When you need to take a rest from your travels, Dial-a-Story is available anytime. Launch yourself into a good book.

Let’s Go Surfing Now

Ride the waves to the International Surfing Museum at www.surfingmuseum.org for a gnarly look into the world of surfing. In Exhibit, you can paddle through the International Surfing Exhibit to view memorabilia from around the world, or visit the Kings of the Surf Exhibit to learn about the surfing legends of the ’60s and ’70s. Each year the Huntington Beach Walk of Fame inducts new members in five categories. You can see previous winners in the Walk of Fame. In Collection, trace the evolution of the surfboard or check out the Surf Music of Jan and Dean. Cowabunga, dudes and dudettes!

Do you think everyone should have to recycle? Why or why not?


Speak Out Here!

Dear Amy: How can I make my own screensaver? — Rick, Montpelier, Vt.

Dear Rick: There are several free programs that you can download to help you design your own screensaver. At
www.make-your-own-screen-saver.com, you can find ways to customize your own pictures and videos to make a slideshow. To paint your own screensaver or write a message with a Skywriter Plane, visit www.computerlab.kids.new.net/screensavers.htm. Good luck! (These sites are no longer available.)

Dear Amy: Is it dangerous to give your address to someone you do not know when writing an e-mail? — Tiffany, Poplar, Mont.

Dear Tiffany: Yes, giving your personal information to anyone through e-mail, as well as through instant messaging and chat rooms, is dangerous. The only personal information you should provide is your first name or a username and your e-mail address. If you are receiving e-mails from someone you don't know, the best advice I can give is to ignore them. For a few tips about how to safely use e-mail, visit WiredKids.org at www.wiredkids.org/kids/

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