Week of April 24th, 2005


There are still many active volcanoes worldwide, and planning for them is important. Learn why volcanoes occur and how to predict eruptions with Volcanoes: Can We Predict Volcanic Eruptions at www.learner.org/exhibits/
. Discover how volcanoes are formed, and learn about different types of lava in Melting Rocks. The Earth's plates and hotspots affect how volcanoes erupt. Educate yourself on these facts in Dynamic Earth. Judging Hazards explains the dangers of volcanoes. Finally, check out Coping With Risk to learn how to plan for the future.

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What are areas where Earth's shifting plates meet or split apart called?

Plate Boudaries
Convergant Margins


An angle is formed by what two things?



In what
year was Tutankhamun's tomb discovered?



Get the Math Advantage

Doing well in math takes a lot of practice. Now you can double up on your math practice with Math Advantage at www.hbschool.com/menus/ math_advantage.html. Conveniently divided into grade levels, from kindergarten to grade eight, this site is sure to make a difference in your math skills. Each level features multimedia activities to challenge you. Included is a glossary, also accessible by grade level, so you can find out exactly what each math term means. Try the activities in the E-Lab for even greater challenges. This site really adds up.

Jewel of the Nile

Cast your eyes upon more than five thousand years of Egyptian history at www.eternalegypt.org. This site is an interactive way to get to know the amazing stories of Egyptian civilization. You can navigate your way down the Nile in Map, or see the events of Egyptian history chronologically in Timeline. Spend some time in Multimedia to view virtual tours of famous places, look at 3-D views of artifacts and much more. Finally, Sites and Museums has information on noteworthy locations and what you can see there. Walk the path of the pharoahs.

Do you think MP3s will eventually replace music CDs?


Speak Out Here!

Dear Amy: Why are there left-handed people? — Kyle, Ann Arbor, Mich

Dear Kyle: It is a mystery why some people are left-handed, but there has been a lot of research to try to find out. Historically, left-handers were thought to be crazy and clumsy because they weren't like everyone else. Languages around the world seem to treat anything “left” as negative, whereas things “right” are positive. For example, the word “left” in Old English means “weak” and in German it means “awkward.” Being in your “right mind,” on the other hand, is a good thing.

Some scientists think that a certain gene causes people to be left-handed. If that gene is present, then the chance of a person being left-handed increases. What is certain is that the brain is split into two hemispheres. The right hemisphere controls the left side of the body and the left hemisphere controls the right side.

For a diagram of your brain and tons of fun information about being left-handed, visit www.left-handersday.com/tour4.html. The next time someone tries to call you lefties crazy, you can tell them that you're the one in your right mind.

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