Week of April 17, 2005

Discover the Past

Experience a blast from the past with America's Story at www.americaslibrary.gov as you discover the stories and people of America's past. Learn history as you experience it in Jump Back In Time. Start in the Colonial Era and work your way to the Modern Era. Meet Amazing Americans who have made the country what it is today, and read biographies on inventors, politicians, performers and activists. Swing Your Partner round and round as you learn about dancing over the decades. If dancing is not for you, Play Ball and learn about one of America's favorite national pastimes. Become a part of America's Story.

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World War I was also referred to as?

The German War
The Great War
The War of 1812


Who was the first professor of English at Harvard?

Francis James Child
Thomas Percy
William Newell


What is step two of handwashing?
wet your hands
apply soap



The Melodies of America

The University of Virginia Library invites you to Lift Every Voice with Music In American Life at www2.lib.virginia.edu/exhibits/
. Here you can unfold the history behind “This Land is Your Land” by Woody Guthrie. Then, In Protest Songs, learn about the music of the civil rights movement. In Virginiana, find out what one of Thomas Jefferson’s former slaves had to say about Jefferson’s love for music. The audio clips allow you to listen to famous tunes such as “Ol' Man River” by Paul Robeson and “Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen” by Lead Belly. Let the music be your guide.


Meet the lean, mean, clean machines of the NSF Scrub Club at www.scrubclub.org. This group of kids will teach you the six important steps to hand washing and introduce you to the dangers of germs. Check out the Five Finger Alert to get the lowdown on the flu. Villians introduces you to Scrub Club enemies such as food-borne illness and bacteria. Watch the Webisodes to see the Scrub Club face their foes head on. Don't forget to check out the Games, a fun way to test what you've learned. When you team up with the Scrub Club, you'll be a “soaper” hero.

What is the best gift you’ve ever given?


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Learning With Style

What would you picture if I asked you to imagine a dog? Would you picture a dog in your head, or would you hear it bark? Could you feel its soft ears or would you see the letters d-o-g? The way you think about something is determined by your learning style. Everyone processes and organizes information differently, and the way we do it the most naturally is the most effective way we learn. If you understand how you learn, you can better individualize your study time to learn more effectively. Visit the following Web sites to find out what kind of learner you are.

Institute for Learning Styles Research

Learning Styles

MSE Career Resource Center

What’s Your Learning Style?

(The third site is no longer available.)


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