Week of April 10, 2005

Cutting a Rug

Fred and Ginger invite you to Dance Online at
www.dance-kids.org. In Dance Stories, read Nina's First Exam, Nina's First Show and Nina's First Dance Class. Then, become a Dance Detective and solve mysteries based on Nina's stories. Take a Lucky Dip to find information about the Cha Cha Cha or the Foxtrot. The Dance Gallery is full of pictures. You can add groovy effects to existing pictures or turn a picture into wallpaper. To check out the latest Dance-Kids news, visit the Notice Board. You’ll boogie your way through this site.

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On what continent would you see kids dancing the Bharatanatyam?

South Asia
Western Europe


What are men training to become knights called?



What profession does Juliette wish to pursue?



A Place at the Round Table

The Kids’ Castle at http://kotn.ntu.ac.uk/castle has lowered its drawbridge for you to enter. Check out the Guardroom to learn about the security of the castle, or find out about castle celebrations by entering the Great Hall. If you're interested in animals, be sure to visit the Stables or Hawks & Falcons to see how animals got the royal treatment. Training knights was an important part of castle life. Meet the knights-in-training in the Great Tower, then watch them compete in a Tournament. When you visit Kids’ Castle, you'll be treated like a king. (This site is no longer available.)

Introducing Miss O. and Friends

Join Miss O. and her friends Justine, Harlie, Isabella and Juliette at www.missoandfriends.com, a site by girls for girls. Visit Check It Out for the latest news in movies, activities, travel, music and lifestyle. I see London, I see France and you can too in Cool Places. For those who enjoy writing, pen your creation at Submit a Story. For the super chefs or beginners in the kitchen, Miss O. can help you whip up something delicious with Miss O.’s Fab Recipes, a cookbook to peruse and healthy tips. You can also share your own awesome recipe. At Miss O. and Friends, girls rock.

What do you think about schools removing vending and soda machines?


Speak Out Here!

Dear Amy: What are inputs and outputs? — Karla, Melbourne, Australia

Dear Karla: Outputs are machines or devices such as printers and monitors that give information to a user. Inputs are devices that you control, such as a keyboard or mouse, that send information to a machine to process. For example, a VCR is an output device that sends the video to your television. Your television has input connections that receive the VCR output, and then the television produces (or outputs) the information for you to view. For more information about inputs and outputs, check out www.kidsandcomputers.com/kids/lessons/lesson1.htm.

Dear Amy: I wrote a story and want to get it published. Do you know any kid publishers that are pretty popular? — Michael, Irvine, Calif.

Dear Michael: It is fantastic you want to try to get your story published. The publishing field, however, is a very difficult one to break into. With the Web, you can get started publishing your work more easily than ever. An adult can help you research where to get your work published. Or you can try to publish your story on the Web at 04-10-05 last AA link needs to change to:
http://english.unitecnology.ac.nz/writers/share.php. Good luck. (This site is no longer available.)

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