Week of April 03, 2005

No Place Like Home

Explore Yin Yu Tang, a Chinese home that was built during the late Qing dynasty at www.pem.org/sites/yinyutang. In Orientation, familiarize yourself with the Huang family's 16-bedroom house. You can learn about the home's Construction and how it was built to summon prosperity and longevity. In Ornamentation, view examples of its carved brick phoenixes, mandarin ducks and magpies. Eventually Yin Yu Tang was moved to the United States. You can learn all about the move in Preservation. Make yourself at home with this site.

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What served as a safety precaution should the house catch fire?

fish pools


What are the world's largest invertebrates?

giant squids
killer jellyfish
electric eels


Where can you create your
own version of popular stories?
Let's Write a Story
This Is My Story



Brave the Savage Seas

Grab your life preserver and deck shoes to prepare for the Savage Seas at www.pbs.org/wnet/
. Here you can find information about storms, waves and other elements that can make the sea treacherous. Check out The Captain's Bridge to hear amazing survival and rescue stories. Then, visit The Crow's Nest to learn about powerful tsunamis and tidal waves. The Deep Sea contains facts and stories about life below the surface, including a cool Deep Sea Simulator and information on sea monsters. Get ready to ride out the storms of the seas.

A Day With Daniel Cook

Are you ready to have some fun? Daniel Cook sure is. At www.thisisdanielcook.com, join Daniel Cook in his virtual playroom where nothing is off-limits. You can play with toys, go on adventures and even make your own creations. Daniel Cook needs some help deciding on a look before saying cheese. Click on the camera to mix and match new hairstyles and facial expressions for him. If you’re ready to make some noise, the trumpet takes you to the symphony to create your own music. Your adventures won't be complete without a trip to the beach to build sandcastles or to the art studio to paint. With Daniel Cook, the fun never ends!

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The Spirit of Volunteering

During my senior year in high school, I joined the volunteer club so I could put some community hours on my college applications. I had so much fun that I have continued to volunteer to this day. There's nothing like a group of young goofy kids singing Christmas carols for goofy senior citizens. I knew right away that my being there was making a difference, and it made me feel really good.

Since then, I have volunteered often, helping with such things as feeding the homeless and playing with dogs at the animal shelter. In giving to others and volunteering your time, you'll feel great about yourself.

If you want to learn more about volunteering, you can go to www.project.org. You can also start volunteering on your own right away, too. Get a group of friends together and pick up trash in your community, be a tutor, walk your neighbor's dog or just spend time talking to the senior citizens on your block. All of these small contributions can make a big difference in someone else's life–and in your own.



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