Week of February 6, 2005

The Basics of Banking

Bank on your future at www.bankingonour future.org/default.htm. Practicing good money management early on will serve you for life. Zing leads fourth- and fifth-graders on his adventures with money, while Angie enlightens those in grades six through eight. Learn where money comes from and what a bank is in Banking Basics. Savings and Checking gives you the opportunity to practice using an ATM and writing checks. Visit Assessment to put all of your new knowledge to use. Don't forget to print off your certificate, proof that you are money smart. (This site is no longer available.)

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What are the two types of credit?

creditcards, loans
loans, checking
savings, mutual funds


What is the elevation of Chaco Canyon?

620 feet
62,000 feet


What is
another name for a thumb piano?
finger organ


Combing the Canyon

Experience the rugged beauty of New Mexico’s Chaco Canyon at www.exploratorium.edu/ chaco. The history and geographical facts of this national landmark can be found under Canyon. You can view images and learn stories of fascinating celestial observations made at Chaco from thousands of years ago to the present. Then, discover the stories of the people who inhabited this area in Time. Each section of this site includes maps, images, movies and stories for you to enjoy.

African Adventures

Femi, a young man from Nigeria, is waiting to guide you through Africa at http://pbskids.org/africa. The site features photographs of kids from four schools in Africa. Each school has a separate photo album containing pictures and descriptions for you to check out. You can experience African culture by playing some cool tunes on Femi's Thumb Piano. You can also create traditional masks, such as those of a rabbit, bird, antelope or hunter to wear during a special dance. Finally, end your African journey by listening to a Swahili Folktale about a young prince. Enjoy exotic Africa.

Should grades be based more on tests or homework and participation? Why?

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Celebrating Black History

SinceFebruary is Black History Month, in school we are learning about the historyof African-Americans. When researching the subject online, I came across a coupleof really cool sites with information that I'd never heard before. For example,did you know that Carter Woodson, the historian responsible for Black HistoryMonth, was the son of former slaves?

Woodson specialized in black history. He chose February as “Negro HistoryMonth” due to the significant influence of African-American rights advocateFrederick Douglass, who was born in February. You can read all about Woodsonat http://library.thinkquest.org/10320/Woodson.htm.

To join in on the celebration, visit http://pbskids.org/aaworld. The site featuresFind the Face, a game matching famous African-Americans to their contributions.Also, find out which African-Americans have had the most influence on other kidsin Kid Talk.


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