Week of January 30, 2005

Art in Motion

Get in touch with your creative side at www.alifetimeofcolor.com/
. From Cave Art to Your Art: 30,000 Years of New Media lets you explore methods of art throughout history. You can create movies to share with your family and friends. Choose from tons of video clips about art modes such as paints, video, pencils and more. Upload images from your own computer to give your project a personal touch. Add text and choose from a list of various music styles. Give your work an original title and, voila, you’ve made your own movie! (This site is no longer available.)

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Dan Bruggeman is what type of artist?



What are the possible careers suggested for those interested in law?

Doctor, Dentist
Firefighter, Medic
Police, Judge


Where can you have fun reading about Vincent van Gogh?
Tongue Twisters
Art Gallery



When I Grow Up

If you are looking for advice on what to be when you grow up, visit www.bls.gov/k12 for career information. Select from a list of subjects such as reading, sports and computers to find out about different jobs that pertain to your specific interests. Each listing contains information about what the job is like, how much it pays, what type of education is needed and where to find more information on that career. Whether you are a handyman or a musician, a scientist or a math whiz, this site will help you find a career that is right for you.

‘A’ Is for Apple

Become a bookworm at www.starfall.com where you can learn the basics of reading step-by-step. Begin with the alphabet to get a handle on each letter and its sound. Learn to Read lets you use the letter sounds to make whole words by playing games, listening to songs and watching videos. It’s Fun to Read puts your word knowledge to the test as you begin to put words together to make stories. Finally, I'm Reading combines all the skills you have learned with more advanced reading activities. And if you don't know a word, just click on it for help.


What would you do with a million dollars?


Speak Out Here!

Dear Amy: What is the difference between Gateway, NetZero, MSN and AOL? — Nicole, Summerville, S.C.

Dear Nicole: NetZero, AOL and MSN are all popular Internet service providers. NetZero offers free dial-up service, whereas MSN and AOL offer monthly Internet rates. To find information on these providers, check out their Web sites at www.netzero.net, www.aol.com and www.msn.com.

Gateway is not an Internet service provider but a computer manufacturing companythat specializes in desktop and laptop PCs. To view the latest line of computers,visit their Web site at www.gateway.com.

Dear Amy: How can I find a search engine that shows only safe Web sites? — Abdallah, Saudi Arabia

Dear Abdallah: Using a search engine that is specifically designed for kids is a good way to ensure inappropriate sites will not appear when searching for Web sites. Two of my favorite search engines for kids are Yahooligans at http://kids.yahoo.com and Ask Jeeves Kids at www.askkids.com. These search engines will help you to find sites that pertain to your search without having to worry about viewing inappropriate content.

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