Week of January 23, 2005

The Will to Build – Girl Style

Celebrate women in the field of engineering at www.engineergirl.org. Why Be an Engineer gives information and reasons girls may want to pursue this prestigious career. To see if this field is right for you, view a list of job descriptions and see what it's like to study engineering in school. The site highlights engineers in the fields of Space, Medicine, Environment and Communications. Fun Facts is filled with cool stories about great engineering feats. Don’t forget to check out the biographies of successful Women Engineers.

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What type of engineer works to protect the environment and feed the world?



If you were to stretch the DNA from one cell, how long would it be?

3 meters long
5 meters long
10 meters long


In whose
honor is the
Festival of
Lights held?
Prince Rama



A Study in Genes

Each and every one of us has a genetic makeup all our own. To understand all things genetic, visit the Genetic Science Learning Center at http://learn.genetics.utah.
. Learn about DNA, traits, heredity and much more through an animated tour in The Basics and Beyond, where you can Build a DNA Molecule. See double as you virtually clone Mimi the mouse in Click and Clone. Finally, you can try the Do Try This At Home hands-on activities with the help of an adult. Be a “gene”-ius!

Endearing India

Enjoy a warm Welcome to India at http://home.freeuk.net/ elloughton13/india.htm. Join Mum, Dave, Darleen and Dad on their journey into this fascinating culture. Visit Mumbai and see the two faces of the city, rich and poor. In Mysore, you can learn about Sandalwood soap or go to the Bandipur Tiger Reserve. Take a sparkling day trip to Jaipur and be captivated by Diwali, the Festival of Lights. A map of India allows you to see the lights of 11 cities at night. After your journey, take a quick dip in The Ganges for an overview of six cities in India.


Do you think instant messenging should be allowed at school? Why or why not?

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Dear Amy: What is virtual memory in a computer? — David, Malaysia

Dear David: Virtual memory is a feature that allows a computer to use more memory than it physically has. Most computers come with a certain number of megabytes of RAM (random access memory) available for use. Having too many programs open at the same time causes your computer to use all of its available memory and will not allow any more programs to be opened until another is closed. With virtual memory, your computer can look for areas of RAM that have not been used recently and automatically copy them onto a hard disk, allowing you to work with as many programs as you want. For more information on virtual memory, visit http://computer.howstuffworks.com/virtual-memory.htm.

Dear Amy: What are some good news Web sites for me to find current events for a class? — Nicole, Merrill, Wis.

Dear Nicole: For news just for kids, try CNN StudentNews at www.cnn.com/studentnews. You can also find current event headlines at Yahooligans! News at http://kids.yahoo.com/news. Be the nose for news at your school. (The second site is no longer available.)

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