Week of September 19, 2004

Da Vinci View

Learn about the inventive spirit of Renaissance man Leonardo da Vinci at www.museoscienza.org/ english/leonardo. Da Vinci dreamed of a day when ordinary men could fly like birds, so he designed a pair of mechanical wings for himself. Take a look at this amazing invention and others in Machines. Most people would agree that da Vinci’s mind soared above the average. Get a glimpse inside his mind with several of his detailed manuscripts. You’ll even find da Vinci’s vision of the ideal city.

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Where did da Vinci live when he painted the Mona Lisa?



Where can you display your animal artwork?

art hallway
artists wing
art gallery


How many species of sawflies are in Australia?



Kindness for Animals

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals presents PETA Kids at www.petakids.com. Have you helped an animal recently? Tell PETA your story and you might be featured as a PETA Kids Superstar. With school in full swing, Back to School Tips will help you choose stylish clothes and supplies that do not involve using animals. In Veg Kids, find out What to Eat to satisfy your tummy with animal-friendly treats. With PETA Kids, you’ll find lots of ways to help animals.

Creatures Down Under

The Wildlife of Sydney welcomes you to its home at http://faunanet.gov.au/
. In Animals, discover the purpose of the loud drone of cicadas. Or examine the life cycle of jellyfish and break down the anatomy of sea squirts. Habitats are grouped by region, including the heath and intertidal areas. After you learn about the animals and their surroundings, try to match them up in Activities. When you’re finished, quiz yourself on everything from ants to stick insects. (This site is no longer available.)

What was your favorite part
of the Olympics this year?


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Sports Worth Knowing

Hey there, all you sports enthusiasts and not-quite-so-enthusiastic sports enthusiasts! Do you know about soccer? Do you know about basketball? And what about tennis? That’s great because I don’t have any sites about them this month. Instead, I have five sites that will fill you in on the details of a few sports that you might have overlooked in the past. Check these out, and then impress your friends with your new knowledge.

Rugby Football History

Bobsledding Explained

History of Cricket

What Is Curling?

History of Native American Lacrosse

(The second and third sites are no longer available.)


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