Week of August 22, 2004

Stuck in the Workforce World

Three globally conscious kids want to take you on a tour of work around the world at 3PLUS-U at www.cyberschoolbus.un.org/3PLUSU. Toshi, Kaia and Isabelle will show you how the global economy affects individuals in good and bad ways. Go with Toshi to explore examples of work in cities, industrial areas and farms. Flip through Kaia’s books to read stories about kids who sew in sweatshops instead of attending school so that their families can escape poverty. There are also stories of kids who help others break free from forced labor.

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What name did locals use for Hamisi and other young miners?

Snake Boy


What is reducing the risk of damage to your house by disaster called?



A healthy reserve contains what prey-to-predator ratio?



Warning: Disaster Zone Ahead

Natural disasters can happen at any time and any place. The Federal Emergency Management Agency at www.fema.gov/kids and Herman the spokescrab will teach you how to keep yourself, your family and your pets safe when disaster strikes. Do you wonder what disasters may occur where you live? What’s Happening Now is the place to find out about your area. If you’re up to the challenge, try the games and activities or become a Disaster Action Kid and receive a cool certificate.

At the Center of Conservation

Pandas are near the top of the endangered species list. Conservation Central at http://nationalzoo.si.edu/ Education/ConservationCentral has games and interactive exhibits that will teach you what can be done to save these lovable creatures. Try designing a panda habitat that includes water, food and shade. If you do a good job, Mei Xiang and Tian Tian will come out to explore. A Habitat Adventure allows you to decide if an area should be off limits to humans so that endangered plants and animals can thrive again.

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Dear Amy: How can I block sites with bad stuff on them?
— John, Miami

Dear John: You can install filtering software on your computer to filter out crude material online. We-Blocker is free to download at www.we-blocker.com. It allows you and your parents to customize the restrictions so you can add and remove sites on the list of blocked sites. If you want a filter with more options, check into software such as CyberPatrol at www.cyberpatrol.com. It is customizable, but it also filters Web-based e-mail, instant messaging and other online activities. (The first site is no longer available.)

Dear Amy: Where can I find some games for my younger brother and sister?
— Jesse, San Diego

Dear Jesse: Many of the sites that we feature every week have games, so you can always try those with your brother and sister. Here are a couple of fun sites for young kids that you can check out. Fun With Spot at www.funwithspot.com has games with that lovable doggie Spot. Go to Albright-Knox Art Games at www.albrightknox.org/artgames for a creative outlet. Noggin at www.noggin.com has story time activities and a doodling pad for your brother and sister to try.

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