Week of August 15, 2004

Diggin’ Nubia

Unearth an adventure at DigNubia at www.dignubia.org, where you can explore an ancient civilization. There are layers of games, activities and photos for you to enjoy. First study an ancient skeleton to learn about its past life. Then get in style by sorting marbles with a technique called seriation. In Objects, take a look at an ancient queen’s beautiful lucky charm and an archer’s arrows. Finally, check out virtual trading cards to meet Nubian specialists, such as Mey Abdullah Saied, who studies clay in Sudan.

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Which Nubian ruler was known as Candace?



What wouldn’t you find in a colonist’s wardrobe?



What kind of shark must constantly be in motion?
Japanese wobbegong shark
whitetip reef shark
sandbar shark



What’s the Date Today?

Step back in time by more than 300 years and enter the Colonial House at www.pbs.org/wnet/ colonialhouse. Two dozen people decided to see what Colonial America was really like. With modern technology, you can experience how the colonists lived. Take the quiz to see if your lifestyle meshes or messes with the Colonial existence. You can also play a 1628 version of Dress Me Up, complete with corsets, or see if you have what it takes to lead a ship to safety in Fantastic Voyage.

Braving the Wild Reef

Go for a swim in the Wild Reef at www.sheddaquarium
. See sharks and more animals such as the emperor snapper and the Napoleon wrasse. Can you believe the Wild Reef required an entire new wing at the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago? Sneak a peak at its construction and discover how to make seawater in the Behind the Scenes Exhibit. You may be surprised to learn that sharks play a vital role in protecting the reef. You’ll also find 15 things you can do to save reefs, including conserving water and not polluting the environment. (This site is no longer available.)

Should movie theaters let
kids see R-rated movies
with their parents?

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A Brainy Workout

A new school year is beginning, and we’ve got to get our brains in gear. It’s a good thing the Web has lots of sites with fun ways to exercise the brain. From learning yo-yo tricks to making cool stuff with paper, these sites will give your noggin a quick pick-me-up.

The Toy Maker

Cosmic Yo-Yos

Exploring Origami


Easy String Figures

Secret Messages for Kids

(The second and fifth sites are no longer available.)


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