Week of July 18, 2004

Art Unlimited

Take a color-infused trip through the art world with Cybermuse Youth at http://artissimo.gallery. ca/cybermuse/youth/index_e.jsp, where it’s all about you. Choose from three different homepage designs. Then take two questionnaires that’ll clue you in on your art style. There’s a whole section devoted to M.C. Escher’s mathematical mindscapes. The artist once said, “You are immovably the focus of your world.” Agree or disagree, the Careers section can help you prepare for a job where you’ll be in the center of the art world.

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What particular kind of mathematics influenced M.C. Escher?

crystallo- graphy
continued fractions


What food did the Mayas and Aztecs use as currency?

lima beans
cocoa beans
coffee beans


What did the word “pharaoh” originally mean?
great one
great house



The House of Food

It’s an open buffet at La Casa de Comida at http://library.thinkquest. org/15873. In The Zoo, discover the difference between human and animal digestive systems and find answers to questions such as “Why do we get hiccups?” If you love science and food, get In The Lab and learn to make plastic from milk or peel a raw egg. In The Kitchen is the place to learn about carbohydrates and other nutrients. Try some yummy, healthy recipes to satisfy your tummy rumblings.

Get Inside the Pyramids

Crawl inside the tunnels and chambers of Egypt’s famous monuments at Pyramids: The Inside Story at www.pbs.org/ wgbh/nova/pyramid/explore. Virtually navigate the path the pharaohs took to the king’s burial chamber in Khufu’s great pyramid. Then find out why the Sphinx needs to breathe. Future Egyptologists can check out an interview with digger Mark Lehner, who uses Swiss Army knives and spatulas to unearth the past. With this virtual exploration, you’ll feel like you’ve really conquered history.

What is the best kind
of pet to have?


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Just Havin’ Fun

Summer is in full swing, and if you’re like many of the kids who write to me, you’re looking for some new games to play online. Here are six sites with tons of games and other cool things to do. Check out all of them for some fun out of the sun.

CBBC Newsround Games

Nickelodeon Games and Sports




Classic ‘80s Games

(The second, third and fifth sites are no longer available.)


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