Week of July 4, 2004

Nuggets of Knowledge

Collect a few Nuggets of Knowledge for Your Noggin at www.liverpoolmuseums. org.uk/nof. This Web site presents exhibits from museums in Liverpool, England. With lots to explore, learn what the museums treasure most, including a helmet made from a porcupine and the smallest ship in a bottle. Conkers Collect-ables is home to old and odd things with everyday uses. For added fun, follow the change of the seasons and make your own sundial. Also sign up for the 100-meter race in the Fish Olympics.

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What does Liverpool, England import from Africa?

tea and spices
cocoa, palm oil and timber
linen, cocoa and sugar


What did the team eat for breakfast on the first day of the dig?

fruit and milk
granola bars and coffee
oatmeal and orange juice


What kind of camera does Carl R. Pope Jr. use?
35 mm
toy camera



A T-Rex Named Wyrex

Get an up-close view of the world’s first interactive dinosaur dig as it happened. Unearthing T-Rex, at www.unearthingtrex. com, takes you inside an excavation that unearthed a 65 million-year-old Tyrannosaurus Rex nicknamed Wyrex. Read about the crewmembers who worked to unearth Wyrex. The team wrote about their daily progress in Field Journals. They included notes on what they ate for lunch, how the weather was each day and, of course, what they found.

Do You Get It?

When you look at a photograph in a museum, do you know its meaning? Find out how to Get the Picture at www.artsmia.org/
. You’ll learn about the lives and works of seven photographers, including Czech surrealist Eva Fuka. One of her photographs shows a girl dancing beneath a looming statue. Zoom in on details and use the buttons on the side to learn more about the photos. By interacting with the pictures, you’ll see how the styles of the photographers shine through in their work.

What is your favorite clean joke?

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Do As I Do, Not As I Say?

My friend loves quotes. He e-mails them to me often, and I send them to him too. Sometimes we joke about them. Other times we apply them to stuff going on in our lives. John Bartlett recognized that people love quotes and compiled “Columbia World of Quotations,” which you can search online at http://education.

People like quotations because they are inspirational, but it’s silly to go around quoting people without acting on the message. Actions speak louder than words. I can tell my editor all day long that I’m going to write my column. But at the end of the day, if I haven’t followed through with what I said, then my words were meaningless. I didn’t actually do anything, and that doesn’t help either of us.

Instead, when I have work to do, I ought to just do it. Only then do my actions speak louder than my words. We may find certain quotations to be sources of inspiration, but it is up to us to act on their messages and finally give our words true meaning.

— Amy

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