Week of May 30, 2004

Destination Modern Art

What is it like to be a little green alien in a big museum? Find out on an interactive journey to Destination Modern Art at www.moma.org/
. You can explore van Gogh’s “Starry Night” by running your mouse over the painting to hear church bells ring and the wind blow. For lesser-known art, head to P.S.1, a school where people have created artwork in unexpected places. One artwork is a room with a hole on top for you to watch your own starry night swirl around.

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What inspired surrealist art?



What metal is added to copper to create the alloy bronze?



What is the ancient art of applying henna called?
Id al-Fitr



What’s the Matter?

Strange Matter at www. strangematterexhibit.com
is the place to see how materials are made, improved and reused. Start small by zooming in on atoms and crystalline structures. In Materials Smackdown, discover how the properties of atoms create glass, plastic and other materials. You’ll learn about material processes, such as how synthetic diamonds are made. Check out the Change-the-World-Challenge and find out about some cool materials that may improve the world.

New to America

The people of The New Americans at www.pbs.org
are charting new territory in the United States for their families and their people as we speak. Meet a Mexican laborer in Kansas and a Palestinian Bride who left her small town in Israel for married life in Chicago. Be sure to try a sampling of the cultural riches newcomers are bringing to America, such as henna body art and pepper soup. Then take a quiz that will challenge some of your assumptions about immigrants.

What do you want to be
when you grow up? Why?

Speak Out Here!

Dear Amy: How can I block pop-up ads?
— Jerome, Winter Park, Colo.

Dear Jerome: PC users can download the Google Toolbar for free at www.google.com/toolbar. It allows you to do a Google search from your browser, and it blocks annoying pop-up ads. Mac users can get a 15-day free demo of Pop-Up Zapper at http://batista.org/
. After that, you can buy the software if you want to keep it.

Dear Amy: What should I do if someone online asks to meet me?
— Kian, Cambridge, England

Dear Kian: If you’re going to meet someone in person whom you know only from talking online, be sure to take your parents with you, and meet the person in a busy public place, such as the mall or an ice cream shop downtown. It’s important to stay safe when you’re online, especially if you talk with people in chatrooms or on Instant Messenger. Cyber Smart Kids at www.cybersmartkids.com.au has more information about safety that you should definitely check out. Talk with your friends about online safety to help each other stay safe. Great question, Kian.

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