Week of May 2, 2004

Winged Sandals

Strap on your Winged Sandals and fly above the clouds to www.wingedsandals.com. Hermes leads you to a bird’s-eye view of ancient Greece. Navigate by exploring the majestic buildings one-by-one. You’ll find games, animations and a quiz that helps you dis-cover your inner god or goddess. There are plenty of colorful stories about heroes, warriors and monsters. Be sure to watch the musical cartoon about Orpheus’ trip to the underworld to find his girlfriend. And ask the Oracle a question to clue in about the future.

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What did the dead pay Charon in order to board his ferry?

an obol
a silver coin
a gold coin


What color of dye is made from snails at Playa Arrocito?



The original manuscript of what epic poem is stored at the British Library?
Anglo-Saxon Times
Grendel the Monster
Beowulf's Dragon



The World of Encantos

Step closer to the Edge of Enchantment at www.nmai.si.edu/ edge/flash_eng.html. The natives of Huatulco, Mexico, believe in “encantos,” enchanted places where the human and spirit worlds intertwine. At a mountain cross, families put handwritten prayers into miniature houses made of sticks. There is a place by a river where you can eat all the fruit you want, but you’ll turn to water if you try to take any home. Read with an open mind and you may find your own encanto.


Do you know what kids in the United Kingdom are into? To find out, shout, “Show Me!” at www.show.me.uk, and see crazy, fun kid stuff from museums and galleries in the United Kingdom. From the natural world to art and design, pictures and stories broaden your world. In Show and Tell, you’ll find written and artistic works by kids. The Fish Olympics and Acne Attack are just two games found in Games and Fun. An interactive map allows you to explore the United Kingdom and learn about more places to visit.

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How Do You Feel Today?

Some days we wake up happy. Some days we are silly. Some days we are grumpy. And other days we aren’t sure how we feel. Even if we wake up on the wrong side of the bed, we don’t have to feel the same way all day. Your mood changes in a second when you find out you aced a test or when you spill something all over your new shirt. But you don’t have to wait for something to happen to you to change your mood. You can do that yourself.

We all have the ability to make ourselves happy. If I’m bored or bummed out about something, I get together with a friend who I always have a good time with and do something fun or silly for a while. We’ll go running together, play games, watch a movie or just make fun of each other until we’re laughing so hard that we can’t breathe and our stomach muscles ache. We especially enjoy trying new games. You can find a bunch of games that kids play around the world at www.topics-mag.com/edition11/ games-section.htm. I really like the Games With Consequences. With a little imagination, the consequences can get really silly.

— Amy

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