Week of April 11, 2004

Those Pesky Pests

Many little creatures that crawl are annoying. PestWorld for Kids will teach you about creepy-crawlies and how to pest-proof your house. Pick up a few pre-vention tips at www.pestworldforkids.org. Moths, bedbugs, pill bugs and voles are all part of the world of Amazing Pests. Play games to determine which animals and bugs can be harmful to you. Learning about these dangers will help you be safe. Be sure to bug your friends by sending them insect e-cards.

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What does the blacklegged tick feed on?

grizzly bears
tale deer


What is the name of Mr. Finkle’s cat?



What is believed to be the best material for a skateboard?
aluminum-clad steel
laminated sugar maple board



Time for Bedtime Stories

Before you turn off the lights, curl up next to your computer for Goodnight Stories at www.goodnightstories.com/ stories.htm. If you’re getting sleepy, you can Read-a-Story. If your eyes are too droopy to read, just Hear-a-Story. But if you’re full of energy, there’s plenty of fun stuff to do. For instance, you can Fill-in-a-Story with your own words. Some kids have sent their own stories to the site. Lyndsay wrote “Fantasy” about a girl who ate a crab apple and turned into a fairy named Pixie. Read about Pixie and her dragon friend Ee-oor in Stories by Kids.

Ollies and Nollies

For the skateboard enthusiasts out there, Skateboard Science at www.exploratorium.edu/ skateboarding has all the info you'll need to become a first-class skateboarder. Roll over some important board production techniques with leaders in production and design. Flip into the webcast archive to meet professional skateboarders such as Matt Fields, Mikey Reyes and Wade Speyer. Paul Doherty will teach you the physics of ollies, nollies and kickflips.

What holiday would you like to create? How would people celebrate it?

Speak Out Here!

Dear Amy: Where can I make my own Web site?
— Kay, Orlando, Fla.

Dear Kay: A couple of places where you can get free Web space to post your Web site are Angelfire at www.angelfire.lycos.com and Geocities at http://geocities.yahoo.com. Both offer paid versions of their services, but the free versions give you everything you need. If you want some advice about creating your Web page, go to www.webgenies.co.uk/startdesigning1.htm. It has some basic lessons about Web design for kids. When you are finished, add your site to a search engine so that people can visit it. Try Yahooligans at http://add.yahoo.com/fast/add?+Kids. (The second and third sites are no longer available.)

Dear Amy: Why doesn’t someone make the Web safe for kids?
— Joshua, San Jose, Calif.

Dear Joshua: Many Web sites and organizations, including www.4Kids.org, try to make the Web safer for kids. In order to ensure greater Web safety for kids 13 and under, the federal government passed the Child Online Protection Policy Act in 2000. You can learn about it at www.ftc.gov/privacy/privacyinitiatives/
. The act limits what Web sites can do with kids’ personal information, and it shows how kids and parents must work together to keep kids safe online.

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