Week of March 21, 2004

Bio-Diverse World

Imagine hearing just one kind of bird outside for the rest of your life. Sound boring? That’s the essence of Biodiversity and Conservation: The Web of Life at http://archive. fieldmuseum.org/biodiversity. Life is interesting when we have many kinds of plants, animals and insects living with us. Investigate Biodiversity to find reasons why we should strive to save endangered species. In Meet the Scientist, you will find people who record the diversity of life, such as Dr. Steven Goodman, who lives in Madagascar to study its ecosystems.

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How many mammal species exist?



Who is the god of new beginnings in Hindu tradition?



In what year did the 14th Amendment guarantee
equal rights?



Sacred Chola Statues

Gaze upon The Sensuous and the Sacred: Chola Bronzes From South India at www.asia.si.edu/ exhibitions/online/chola/
. Who’s Who in Bronze reveals the identities of goddesses and gods. Process: From Wax to God follows the seven steps of creating a bronze statue. The process begins by molding beeswax mixed with resin from the shal tree, and it lasts for several days. Also learn about Puja, a worship honoring Hindu deities. Its rituals include bathing statues and burning incense.

Is Race Real?

Race—The Power of an Illusion at www.pbs.org/ race/000_General/
raises questions about the validity of race and tells how culture, not genetics, causes the majority of similarities and differences among all people. The Race Timeline shows how our perception of race has changed over time. In Sorting People, you’ll see that identifying a person's race based on physical traits is challenging. Take a walk in the shoes of someone of another race when you watch and listen to four excellent slide shows.

What do you think kids in Iraq think about Americans?

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Gear Up for the Science Fair

A few students have asked me for sites that will help them with their science fair projects. I figure lots of you are looking for ideas for a project and some guidance about how to set up and conduct an experiment.

Below are four great sites to help you. You’ll find some of the same information at all of the sites, but each one has a unique layout and suggestions of its own. You may want to skim through all of them and then choose one or two that you like best.

Good luck!

Super Science Fair Projects


Science Fair Central

Science Fair Project Resource Guide

Bunsen Bob’s Science Hunt
www.sciencehunt.com (This site is no longer available.)


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