Week of February 22, 2004

Control Center

Are you open to the possibilities Of Mind and Matter? ThinkQuest explores the functions and anatomy of the human brain at http://library.thinkquest.
. The body’s control center can be damaged by strokes, comas and other disorders. Delve into Psychology to learn how the brain generates dreams, emotions and creativity. With interactive quizzes, you’ll find out if you are a brainiac. This site is sure to get your brain juices flowing!

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Migraines result in increased sensitivity to light and what else?

annoying people


What was Elsa Schiaparelli’s nickname?



What is the bacterium called that causes cholera?
Vibrio cholera
Cholerico cholera
Bactum cholera



A Donna of Fashion

The Art and Fashion of Elsa Schiaparelli is Shocking! at www.philamuseum.org/micro_
. The gallery displays some of Schiaparelli's designs, including three bustle dresses, a butterfly dress and a shoe hat. In Schiaparelli for Kids, you can play “dress up” with Chloe. Don’t forget to accessorize. Or design your own clothes and take a crack at the fashion quiz. If you want a little advice on fashion for yourself or your friends, consult the 12 Commandments for Women.

Searching for Places of Refuge

Can you imagine leaving everything behind in order to escape danger? More than 39 million people living today have done so. Discover what life is like for them when you Visit a Refugee Camp at www.refugeecamp.org. The virtual tour shows the basics of refugee life, including refugees’ struggle to find adequate shelter, food and water. In Refugees, you will find stories from people who fled their homes for safety. Shahnaz, a 12-year-old girl from Afghanistan, ends her account saying, “I dream of my life before the war. I sew and I'm happy and forget my worries.”

How old should you be to have your own cell phone?

Speak Out Here!

Dear Amy: What is a hemi and what does it do?
— Christa, Plymouth, Minn.

Dear Christa: “Hemi” refers to the hemispheric combustion chambers used in some engines. The hemi design allows the engine to burn fuel more efficiently than the basic flathead design. You’ll find images of both designs at http://auto.howstuffworks.com/
. The images illustrate differences in the two designs, such as the shape of the heads and the position of the valves.

Dear Amy: How do I put a picture in my paper for school?
— Milton, Erie, Penn.

Dear Milton: Open the picture and adjust its size so that it fits in your paper. Then copy and paste it into the Word document. Next you’ll want to wrap your text around the picture. To do this, click “View,” scroll to “Toolbars” and select “Picture.” This opens the Picture toolbar. Find the “Text Wrapping” button, which has a dog on it. Click and hold on the button, and select “Edit Wrap Points.” After you release the button, you can move your image anywhere on the page, and your text will wrap around it. Try
http://school.discoveryeducation.com/clipart for some fun images
to use.

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