Week of February 15, 2004

Another Dig

Get down to earth with Archaeology’s Interactive Dig at www.archaeology. org/interactive. You’ll be digging with the pros with this in-depth look at 11 major archaeological digs around the world. Read about Sagalassos, Turkey, the “City in the Clouds.” The first Westerner to see the remains of this ancient city thought fairies lived there. Read through Field Notes and Daily Life in each section to see what it’s like to scrape away your day. It’s not like the adventures of Indiana Jones, but there’s still treasure to find.

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Where is the Mayan site of Waka’ located?



Where are porcupine fish mostly found?

near underwater vents
coral reefs
underwater caves


Why was the Eddystone Lighthouse built?
house historic lighthouse lamp
toll collection
landmark for a marketplace



Learning at Play

Get ready for some academic excitement with Education.com Kids! at www.adventure.com /default.aspx. The Think Tank is full to the rim with mind-boggling fun. Once you visit Homework Help, you won’t have to blame homework mishaps on Rover anymore. You’ll find facts about people, animals and outer space. Play Collapse by removing the building blocks before they stack up to the top. This site is all about fun for the sake of fun, but don't be surprised if it’s a little educational too. (This site is no longer available.)

The Triumph of the Baroque

Refine your art knowledge when you view The Triumph of the Baroque at www.nga.gov/ exhibitions/2000/baroque/ splash.htm. The baroque movement emerged in Europe during the early 1600s. One spectacular example of baroque architecture is Gian Lorenzo Bernini's Four Rivers Fountain, in Rome, the birthplace of baroque. Get a taste of country villas and multistoried townhouses with their elaborate interior decorations. Enjoy this quick view of a lovely movement.

Which organization to help improve the world would you
like to be part of?

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Impressive Figures

February is Black History Month. Usually we hear about Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks and other significant figures. Instead of focusing on these familiar people, I collected five sites about less-famous Black Americans whose lists of achievements are pretty impressive.

Dizzy Gillespie

Toni Morrison
www.educeth.ch/english/readinglist/morrisont (This site is no longer available.)

Josephine Baker

Louis Armstrong

Wilma Rudolph


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